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About the app

  • Make a lasting impression with personalized videos featuring the customer's first name and more
  • Personally engage and retain your most valuable customers
  • Drive return business and create a unique identity for your shop
"Best order confirmation I have ever gotten" - Robert L."Love this video! Dude, you took the time to tell me/us that we matter. Very cool!" - Kathy O."Just love these videos when I order from you guys. Thank you it makes my day." - Cynthia J."What an amazing personal touch!" - Marilyn C."Now THAT'S communication with your customers! Love it!" - K.D."Me and my kids got a kick out of that video. Just so you know I plan on ordering from you guys again" - Dan T."So cool to see a company do something like this." - Jordan S.

Customers are surprised and impressed at their own name appearing in their video, and more importantly they will discover your personality and forge a direct connection with your brand.

Your videos are embedded anywhere on your store, driving return traffic and allowing you to re-engage your customer on your own terms.


Unique Videos for Each Customer

For each video we use information from the customer and your business to create a personalized message from you to them.

Send Videos Automatically

Send personalized videos to your customers automatically whenever they place an order. Make the experience more unique by sending a different video to new, returning, or high value customers.

Easy Promotion

Orderv allows you to easily send a video to thousands of customers at once, perfect for launching a new product or promotion.

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  • Custom Price:
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