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SurveyMonkey is used create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. Their focus is to simplify how feedback is received and is easy to configure.


  • Create unlimited number of surveys
  • Collect responses via weblin, email, and Facebook
  • View live results as they are recorded
  • View open-ended comments from the Response Summary page
  • Accessible and 508 compliant and certified surveys (U.S. only)

Customer reviews (1)

1 year ago by UK Greeting Car...

I have been using SurveyMonkey now for over six months and it’s well the best on the internet by far. It is a dream to setup and the best bit if you are small business you can try it for FREE how cool is that. So if you want an e-mail service for surveys newsletters this is it. O yes my conversion rate has defiantly improved what I like is the detailed reports you get to see if you got sales from it.