How to Spring into Summer

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it may seem easy to succumb to the typical summer down time. Make sure your business doesn’t slow down along with the slower summer pace. Keep your business sizzling in all the right ways by ticking off these important summer-ready tips.

Stay connected.

No matter what vacations your customers may be taking or doing, they’re likely connected on their phones, devices and, of course, on social media. Highlight some of your featured products via an extra push in paid and organic social – stay relevant where your customers are most connected.

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Catch up on your content.

Prep blogs, tip sheets and case studies for your customers to read while on the go. Give them some interesting long- and short-form reading material to dig through.

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Incentivize customer accounts.

Give your happy customers reasons to create an account by offering a discount. Having a strong base will be even more important as the busy holiday season fast approaches.

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Create a summer shopping list.

Do you have products that would be great for summer? Create a category of summer essentials so your shoppers can easily view the products they need for the season. 

Congregating your summer shopping page early will make it easier for you to turn on a discount to just those summer products and engage in a summer sale. Amazon introduced their version of a summer sale with Prime Day, bigger and better than Black Friday. If you sell on Amazon, prepare a strategy to create buzz around your brand engaging in Prime Day. If you aren’t an Amazon merchant, did you know the surge of online shoppers for Prime Day increases overall traffic in the ecommerce space?1 Capitalize on the swell in online shoppers by forming a summer sale unique to your brand.

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Capitalize on your loyal customers by telling a cohesive story.

If you sell on the Amazon Marketplace, try adding Amazon Pay to the checkout page of your BigCommerce store to create ease of use for your Amazon-familiar shoppers. Since they already have an account with Amazon, those shoppers can create an account on your store and checkout with a system they are accustomed to. You’ll get verified contact information for post-checkout follow up and increase conversion rates. 71% of BigCommerce merchants say they saw an increase of conversion after enabling Amazon Pay.2

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Put trust first.

Try providing your Amazon Marketplace shoppers with a checkout system they are not only familiar with, but has gained their trust. 78% of people say trust is very or extremely important when it comes to where they choose to shop.3 Tap into the hundreds of millions of customers who securely store their information on Amazon.

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Gracie McClure | Partner Marketing Specialist at BigCommerce

Gracie works specifically on increasing awareness and driving enablement of built-in tools BigCommerce offers on its platform. Using her unique experience as a former design agency marketer, she understands the pain points merchants often face when trying to grow their audience and increase conversion rates. She is passionate about providing insights on easy ways to stay ahead of the curve in the ecommerce space and is an advocate for sure-fire conversion boosters like digital wallets.

1Digital Commerce 360, June 2017
2Survey of existing Amazon Payments merchants, December 2014

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