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About the app

3XR's BigCommerce integration is a turnkey AR solution that allows users to create & host product specific AR experiences on their storefronts using pre-existing product data.

Redefine how customers interact with your products by placing them in their space using 3XR's immerse desktop & mobile experience.

3D content creation is a complicated process, tap into 3XR's 3D asset production platform without straying from the ecommerce solution you are used to; unlock streamlined 3D asset creation, management and publishing to your site in one central location.

Ecomm retailers report a 20% conversion rate with a view in AR option.

App Features

​Manage 3D/AR Content Production
  • Leverage your existing product data by exporting to 3XR's platform for streamlined 3D asset creation.
  • Track production progress with up-to-date status tracking within our app.
  • Ensure 3D assets are 100% accurate to your products; have a voice and review your models with 3XR's quality assurance process.
​1 Click Publishing
  • Easily host our 3D viewer and AR mobile experience on your product page with the click of a button.
  • Embed our viewer anywhere in your current BigCommerce theme or use our out-of-the-box 3XR theme.
​Additional Collateral

With 3XR's flexible asset structure, users can produce and download a variety of additional product content from a single source of truth 3D model directly from our platform.

Collateral includes:

  • 3D asset files in formats compatible with all major retailers and social channels (i.e. Facebook ads)
  • Orthographic silo product images
  • 360 degree spin view videos
  • User generated custom renderings
  • AR product QR codes for use in sales, marketing, internal discussions.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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