404 Error Tracker

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  • Automatically generate unlimited 301 redirects for your shop
  • Track and easily fix all your broken links (404 errors)
  • Pass all SEO juice from old broken link to new link
  • Are you moving from another platform to Bigcommerce and you have broken links?
  • Are you losing traffic and sales to broken links?
  • Is your Google webmaster tools reporting broken links error?
  • If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then 404 Error Tracker is your tool.

    404 Error Tracker makes creating 404 redirects for your shop easy. You can either create a redirect manually, upload a csv file or import from Google Webmaster tools

    What You Can Do With 404 Error Tracker

    ★ Automatically tracking 404 Errors affecting your SEO and fixing them.

    ★ Redirecting customers that are being sent to old shopping cart pages to a new one.

    ★ Fixing mass 404 issues due to moving from a different platform to Bigcommerce.

    ★ Passing SEO juice from one page to another.

    ★ Creating vanity URLs for marketing campaigns.

    Dedicated Support

    We have a support team on stand by ready to help answer all your questions. Just send us an email and we will get in-touch ASAP.

    Client Reviews (2)

    APP 404 - Many Issues 5 months ago by joh....za https://officestock.co.za
    The application have many issues. It is not well designed and limited. I cannot see why Bigcommerce first check out applications and approve it beforehand before it is launced on the platform. The issues I experience with this application is that I have changed my domain name recently. I cannot change it in the application even when I uninstall and reinstall it it still comes up with the old domain. The application also dont have a select all feauture where previous or old urls can be deleted before its uploaded onto webmasters. The old way of downloading the 404 links from Google and fix it in a spreadsheet is still better.
    Not free or any free trial 8 months ago by inf....au
    It's not free, immediately it asks you to upgrade to $10/month plan