Acutrack Inc

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Acutrack provides a complete range of fulfillment and publishing services that give businesses a competitive edge. While you focus on content creation and sales, we focus on everything else.

Acutrack's services can be broken down into two categories:

Publish and fulfill your products "on-demand" with zero or minimal inventory commitments on CD, DVD, USB or Books

Full turnkey Fulfillment services including Order & Inventory Management.

Acutrack acts a back-end of your business and as your invisible fulfillment partner.

Product Fulfillment Product fulfillment services are the heart of what we do ‐ because it allows us to manage all aspects of your fulfillment needs. We can integrate with your BigCommerce store or provide you a full suite of API to order post and close the loop by updating order status.

We are located near Silicon Valley with easy access to Oakland & Los Angeles ports. We use state of the art Fulfillment technology and have processed over 1 million fulfillment transactions.

Our secure web‐based customer portal helps you manage all aspects of your order & inventory management

CD/DVD/USB MOD Publishing Our "On‐Demand" service allows our customer to sell their entire media library and let Acutrack manage the entire catalog of your media titles by integrating with our CD, DVD, USB thumb drive On‐Demand production and fulfillment services. With our services, you don't have to worry about forecast, obsolescence, and upfront production cost.

We offer CD/DVD On Demand. Production on an Order by Order basis, Zero Inventory, Retail Quality Print and Packaging

Fulfillment On Demand helps you deliver a universally supported physical format in conjunction with digital download

Book Fulfillment Acutrack provides a powerful book printing and fulfillment services. Acutrack has digital printing capabilities that allow us to print high quality books in both color and black and white. In most cases, we are able to out-bid our larger competitors when it comes to smaller batch sizes. And also with faster turnaround time!

Fulfill your books direct to consumer or to retail and marketplaces like Amazon.

Client Reviews (1)

Geeta Society 6 months ago by Anshuman Duneja
This app is outstanding and allows for true back-end fulfillment operation. The combination of the Big Commerce sales channel with Acutrack's automated fulfillment means that the entire purchase, fulfillment and shipping process can take place completely automatically. They provide highly-personalized and immediate assistance. Highly recommended for any business.