Acutrack Inc

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Fulfillment & Publishing Services

Acutrack provides complete fulfillment & publishing services.

●Technology-driven fulfillment to pick, pack & ship any product you wish to sell

●Publishing of your content on Books and CDs/DVDs/USBs

Our core philosophy is that you focus on creating the best product possible - and we take care of the rest. .

Fulfillment Services

We function as a full-service, technology-driven fulfillment house. The entire process is automated - from receiving an order transaction to updating the tracking. Our seamless process allows you to not worry about the small details, but instead focus on paying attention to your core business.

What makes Acutrack different:

●We can integrate with any eCommerce or marketplace

●We have multiple fulfillment centers across the United States (allowing for faster shipping time and lower shipping cost)

●We have easy access to Oakland and Los Angeles port

●We cover European markets

●We have a dedicated support team that offers personalized service

Publishing Services Book Printing

Acutrack provides state-of-the-art book printing services. The traditional model is that most publishing companies take ownership of your books and offer you limited royalties. However, if you have an established customer base and wish to have full control over your sales and simply need a book fulfillment partner, we are a perfect fit for you.

What makes Acutrack different:

●You have full control and ownership of your books

●We can produce your books quickly within 3-4 days (most publishing companies take about one month)

●We can produce your book in small batches of 50

●We can design your book in any way you would like (various bindery options, UV coating to lamination, etc.)

●Our book printing process is seamless integrated with our fulfillment house, allowing you to do everything with one company!

Media ProductionOur (MOD) Media On-Demand service allows you to sell your entire media library on CDs, DVDs, and USBs one unit at a time. With our innovative solution, you don't have to worry about forecast, obsolescence, and upfront production cost.

What makes Acutrack different:

●Acutrack pioneered the concept of Media On-Demand and are therefore experts in this field We are the market leader in offering back-up disc fulfillment service (a service that anyone can offer to their customers without any additional upfront cost to you!)

We employ cutting edge technology to ensure your content is secure (copy protected or write protected)

We integrate with your store and become an extension of your business. Our solutions help distribute your content on CD/DVD, USB, or books.

Client Reviews (1)

Geeta Society 10 months ago by Anshuman Duneja
This app is outstanding and allows for true back-end fulfillment operation. The combination of the Big Commerce sales channel with Acutrack's automated fulfillment means that the entire purchase, fulfillment and shipping process can take place completely automatically. They provide highly-personalized and immediate assistance. Highly recommended for any business.