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Addressy helps over 11,000 businesses simplify the process of capturing and verifying customer address data. This method of address verification works just like a search engine, and ensures every address is complete and accurate at the point of entry.

Predictive type-ahead address verification auto-suggests addresses as a user types, returning accurate, deliverable locations that have been verified against a global portfolio of postal, and mapping databases including the USPS, Royal Mail, and Canada Post.

Unlike other address verification providers, Addressy's unique location biasing filters automatically suggest properties closest to your customer's location. Proprietary fuzzy matching technology recognizes typos, inverted letters, abbreviations, nicknames, multiple languages and international character sets so you only need one solution to power all of your global forms and online checkouts.

Get started for free and add address verification to your site in less than 10 minutes. Our free plan gives you 100 U.S. lookups every month so get started today!

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