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About the app

How does it work?

Google Smart Shopping is an essential tool for driving buyers to your site, however, the process has many pitfalls: high fail rates, manual fixes, missing data, low visibility in free listings, and low conversion. As Google Shopping experts we can make this easy for you.

LimeSpot Smart Shopping connects your store with Google Merchant Center, manages your product feed, uses AI to enrich it with your site data, and updates it automatically. Our app also recommends and creates prospect and remarketing campaigns based on customers' behaviors in your store.

The result for retailers is a quick setup, increased catalog visibility & higher ranking in Google free listings, and a stronger return on ad spend (ROAS).

1. Step by Step Setup Wizard

Walk with us through an easy setup wizard. Create or connect to your existing Google Merchant Center and Ad Account in a few clicks. Our team will be available to help you through the process.

2. Automatic Product Attribution Enrichment

At installation, all products are analyzed by LimeSpot AI engine. Product attributes (Brand, Size, Material, Color, Audience Age, etc.) are extracted from your content and applied to your products as attributes.

This process happens automatically and the enriched products will have a higher SEO rank and visibility in Google free or paid listings.

3. Product Attribution Diagnostic & Fix

Managing Google Product feed when the number of products is exceeding would be a difficult, time-consuming, and high-fail-rate. LimeSpot Feed Center keeps your feed error-free before publishing to Google. Your products will be automatically segmented into different lists (verified, need verification, etc.) and the bulk-edit feature will help you to fix the errors/warnings as quickly as possible.

4. Free Listing Optimization

Attributed and error-free products will optimize the key attributes for each product variant to gain the most weight in your product data quality. This will result in increased SEO rank and higher visibility of your Google free listings.

5. Continuous Syncing

LimeSpot tracks all product/variant updates in your online store and automatically incorporates them in your Google Merchant Center and Ad Campaigns. This will ease the pain of optimizing campaigns when the products are constantly changing.

6. Paid Ad Campaign Creation and Enrichment UI

Create Smart Shopping Ads enriched with your customer behavioral data for both prospecting and remarketing campaigns. Your Ad campaigns will be targeted to show the right products to the right person at the right stage of their journey.

To maximize the performance of your Ads, you can also personalize your landing pages enriched with intelligent recommendations.

App Features

Increase Free Listing's Rank & Visibility

Gain the most weight in your product data quality using attributed & error-free feed. This results in increased SEO and higher visibility for Google free listings.

Synchronized with your Customer Journey

Target your customer segments in real-time and show the right products to them at the right stage of their journey

Maximize your Ads Impact with Post-Click Personalization

Add personalization to your landing pages enriched with 1:1 Recommendations based on customer behavior

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: $18.00
  • Recurring Fee: $18.00/mo.


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