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Built for our own multichannel ecommerce business.

Now we help all online sellers more effectively manage their backoffice and grow sales.

Appath is an easy-to-use cloud based solution for multichannel ecommerce merchants to manage and grow their business. Founded by an established ecommerce company and developed by top talent quality engineers; we know exactly the needs to most effectively administer the back-office and be successful with an online store.

Appath manages your inventory for every major marketplace, as Amazon and eBay, along with your ecommerce store. A product sold across any online sales channel will update each outlet, keeping your inventory count always in sync.

Orders received from every sale are seamlessly brought into appath for easy automated systems management. Print customized packing slips to include with your order, and quickly produce shipping labels for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. The tracking information is immediately updated to the associated selling channel and emailed to your customer.

Customer service is better managed by having all essential transaction details in a central location. All customer details are passed into Appath, and here you can administer updates for reference by any of your authorized staff.

Our system is completely web-based, so can be accessed from any internet connected browsers computer, tablet, and phone. And with our full set of automation tools, your ecommerce back office needs are completed quickly and without errors. Freeing up the time for you and your staff to concentrate on sales growth.

We sought out to create the best software to manage our ecommerce business, and now hope every multichannel online seller can benefit from these efforts.

Our product is prided on constantly being improved to optimize all areas for an ecommerce merchants business. Join the Appath community and share your views on anything that we can further include to grow your company.

$15 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (1)

Horrible support 6 months ago by
Lost over 5000 of my sales and customer data records. 2 weeks since I've asked how to add warehouse location to my pick-list, I guess they're still waiting for this information from some Dev team which live its separate life.