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What Approach Does?

Approach's technology understands your products and your shoppers, so you can easily create marketing campaigns personalized for each customer by displaying any of the following categories directly in your marketing emails/newsletters:

  • Most popular products
  • Trending products
  • New arrivals
  • You may like
  • And more …

Approach automatically distributes your customers into the following segments based on their browsing history and purchase patterns:

  • Active recipients
  • First time buyers
  • Occasional buyers
  • Frequent buyers
  • Low spenders
  • Medium spenders
  • High spenders
  • And more …

Approach seamlessly integrates with the following 3rd party Shopper Profile Collection Tools and grows your customer database:

  • Privy App
  • Pixelpop App
  • Wheel Popup App

Approach analyzes your campaign results and tracks your customers' interactions to provide a multidimensional performance and analytics dashboard:

  • Email open rates
  • Email click rates
  • Recipient's locations
  • Product views, add to cart and sold
  • Driven revenue

Why Approach?

1. Reach exactly the right people:

Approach uses your store's data to automatically segment your shoppers into meaningful groups at certain stages of their shopping experience (i.e. New Customers, First Time Buyers, High Spenders, etc.) to target them at the right time.

2. Intelligent Recommendations powered by data:

We analyze each shopper's behaviors and purchase history to learn about them and carefully curate the right products for each individual based on their demographics, interests and behavior patterns. Personalized picks showcase what's most likely to appeal to each shopper at each point in time and reminds them of products they may have considered in the past.

3. Unique messages for unique Shoppers:

Combining the automatic segmentation with the power of personalized recommendations delivers the right product to your shoppers at the right time, resulting in the highest email marketing conversion rates.

4. Analytics and Dashboard:

Campaign results and recipients' reactions are tracked and intelligently processed to present a multidimensional view on each campaign and its performance.

5. Seamless Audience Growth:

3rd party Shopper Profile Collection Tools and Apps are automatically integrated into the app to grow your shoppers database and allow targeted outreach.


For questions and support please see our Help Center, or send an email to


You don't need to pay a flat monthly fee for all of your subscribers anymore. With our adaptive pricing you simply pay for the number of emails you send per month.

  1. 500 free emailsper month
  2. Unlimited number of subscribers
  3. Pay only for emails you send

For more information, please visit our pricing page:

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