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About the app

Extend Payment Terms, Get Paid Now

Apruve allows BigCommerce merchants to extend net terms to their business buyers while getting paid in 24 hours without any manual tasks.

Drive Sales

Apruve customers show 2.2x more order frequency and 3.3x more line items per order for customer that are given a line of credit vs. paying with a credit card.

Eliminate Cashflow and Lending Risk

Your customer gets to pay via net terms (30, 45, 60, etc) days later, but you're paid within 24 hrs of any new invoicing event, risk free.

Eliminate or Reduce A/R Overhead

Apruve handles all credit applications, invoicing, collections and payment with the customer. The program is fully automated so you can get back to focusing on your business, not how you're getting paid.

Works Online and Offline

Apruve integrates with BigCommerce to handle both online and offline orders from your customer.

App Features

Online Credit Application

Apruve hosts an online credit application in your brand - no more paper, faxing or manual processing. We underwrite your buyer, give them a credit limit and hold all lending risk.

Payments within 24 hr

You give your customers 30 or 60 days to pay, but you are paid within 24 hrs of any new invoice created.

Automated Buyer Invoicing and Payments

Apruve handles all invoicing, collections and payments with your buyer. No more chasing down deliquent buyers or processing paper checks. Apruve handles this for you, reducing your back office overhead and de-risking your credit program.

Buyer Purchasing Teams

Businesses are not consumers. Apruve helps your customers add multiple buyers and payers to their account to accommodate their specific procurement process.

Online or Offline Ordering

Apruve can handle BigCommerce orders made online or offline through your admin interface.

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  • Custom Price:
    Tier based SaaS and Invoice Fees


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