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About the app

Automate your BigCommerce Store

Atom8 is the only application to optimize your BigCommerce store by automating sales, marketing, and inventory tasks.

Atom8 streamline processes by helping BigCommerce stores integrate their applications, such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SendGrid, and Google...

Automate your business tasks

Atom8 converts manual operational processes within your BigCommerce store to automated workflows that execute precisely when needed.

  • Auto-publish/unpublish content (banner, blog posts, etc.) on a scheduled time
  • Auto-hide/unhide products & catalogs at a scheduled time
  • Auto-change product merchandising (prices, purchasability, visibility,...)
  • Auto-segment customers (based on behaviors, geographic, and demographic...)
  • Auto-engage with customers after a refund request, purchase, subscription, fulfillment...
  • Auto-trigger email marketing to customers
  • Auto-tag orders (based on different criteria)
  • Auto-notify team members about product inventory & order status
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google sheet
  • Auto-detect & halt high-risk orders
  • Auto-perform actions based on custom HTTP requests

And many more

Automate other apps in your BC store

Atom8 moves info between apps within the BigCommerce store, allowing merchants to innovate and create more effective workflows for their businesses, for example:

  • Mailchimp & Google Sheet: After every purchase (BigCommerce), auto-send emails (Mailchimp) to customers, then generate the receiver list (Google Sheet) for tracking and analyzing.
  • Trello: When a product is low-stock (BigCommerce), auto-notify your team (email) and auto-add a card to the Trello board to initiate re-order
  • Klaviyo & Atom8: When a customer's lifetime value reaches a certain level (BigCommerce), auto-add the customer to a specific group (Atom8), auto-send emails to inform and offer an exclusive discount (Klaviyo)

And many more


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App Features

How it works?

Automate your BigCommerce store with Atom8 by setting up workflows based on the simple logic of Trigger - Condition - Action:

  • The Triggers: WHEN X happens i.e. when an order is placed, a customer creates an account, product inventory goes down to 0 or a specific time such as Black Friday, Christmas eve, Flash sales, etc.
  • The Condition: IF Y is fulfilled i.e. Attributes, Names, Amounts, Date, Spending, Numbers, etc.
  • The Action: THEN do Z i.e. sending automated emails, adding inventory, assigning customers to a group, publishing blog posts, switching website themes, etc.
Automation examples
  • Customer gratitude program: Automatically tag high-value customers with total spending greater than $5000 and have the store account created for more than 1 year (BigCommerce). Assign them to the "Premium customer" group (Hubspot). Then, send them an automated "thank-you" email (Sendgrid), offering a 50% discount for the next purchase at your store.
  • Scheduled promotion & sales campaign: Start the Summer Sales campaign at 0 a.m, May 1st. Automatically publish all products in the Summer category and apply a 30% discount for the first week of the campaign. Switch website theme, banner ads to Summer design & publish a blog post announcing the Summer Sales program.
  • High-risk order flagging & notification: Automatically detect and flag orders that have an irregularly large amount (> 100 items) or value (>$8000). Change order status to "Waiting for review" and send an internal email notifying your team for manual review.
  • Inventory levels notification: Un-publish out-of-stock products from the store and send an email to your marketing team to pause advertising, send an email to vendor to initiate re-order.
Review from the expert

"Upon introduction to Atom8, I was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. I believe that any BigCommerce merchant can learn how to use commerce automation and level up your online business in no time."

Brent Bellm - CEO BigCommerce

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Case Studies

Ultralight Outdoor Gear: Reaching New Heights with Atom8

[With Atom8,] we were able to integrate with Google Sheets and Slack to give notifications of when new products had been booked by the warehouse staff. This means the Web Team could make them live very quickly.

Alex Nicholson - Core Operations Manager

Lexair: Communicate Excellence with Atom8

That's what we love about your app. We don't have to take the time to manually assign or send customers a note. It solves a big problem for us when we run special promotions.

Bonnie Coke - Account Support Associate

German Foods: Personalized Care with Atom8

Atom8 is a very valuable tool for us to save a significant amount of time for the customer service team and myself. With email communication, we automatically send product information to the customer.

Arnim von Friedeburg - Owner

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
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