Automatic Marketing with UMarket

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The wait is over. Finally, a powerful automated marketing system with a built-in CRM, analytics and email subscription is here. Start delighting your customers and build loyalty today by rewarding customers for valuable actions such as purchases, referrals, and more. Create and send automated offers for your best customers, your new customers and also your lost customers with a series of "set-it-and-forget-it" marketing programs. Try it for free!

Automatically send offers to:

  1. New customers: after a first time purchase from your store
  2. Best customers: based on criteria you set to target repeat and large-purchase customers (including points-based punch card loyalty)
  3. Lost customers: based on criteria you set to target lapsed customers
  4. Birthday customers: annually recurring rewards
  5. All customers: annually recurring holidays
  6. Any customer segment for any reason with a custom program
  7. Referring customers: after their friends sign up as your new customers

Getting started is easy. Customers opt in to receive your marketing promotions and shop as usual. We will find the right customers, reach them where they are every day: their inbox and on social media. This unique marketing automation app makes life simple for you and your customers. Choose from seven pre-designed offer templates that offer the best value amongst all of the marketing apps on BigCommerce. Get started now.

$19.95 / month
Free trial
30 days

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