Avalara AvaTax Integration

Our built-in integration with Avalara AvaTax lets you instantly and accurately calculate US sales tax for your customers at checkout.

Avalara uses hundreds of thousands of taxability rules and the latest tax jurisdiction boundaries to assign the right rates. So even if you sell products with special tax needs, you can be sure that you’re maintaining tax compliance and accurately charging your customers.

Bigcommerce chose Avalara to power our automatic tax calculation because they’re the leader in sales tax calculation, and are already used by thousands of merchants around the world.

All Bigcommerce plans have the option to automatically calculate US sales tax at checkout with no additional fees. Just go to Settings > Store Setup > Tax in your Bigcommerce control panel to turn it on. >> Learn more

If you have an Avalara Premium account, you can connect it to get advanced features like:

  • Product-level tax calculation: Assign tax categories to every product in your catalog using UPCs or custom tax codes in order to comply with product-specific tax rules.
  • Tax exemption support: Process orders for tax-exempt customers like resellers and government entities.
  • Address verification: Automatically match customer addresses against the USPS database to ensure that they’re formatted correctly.