Bazaarvoice Conversations

Bazaarvoice allows Merchants to collect and leverage ratings & reviews and questions & answers from their customers. It's proven to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Bazaarvoice brings authentic conversations into the heart of your business like no other.

  • Ratings and Reviews
    Let people sell for you by gathering their opinions, photos, and videos. Learn from their feedback to improve your products and services.
  • Questions and Answers
    Informed shoppers buy more. Capture and respond to their questions to help them buy.
  • Sampling
    Accelerate review collection and reward your loyal advocates with your own branded product-sampling program and community.
  • Intelligence
    A powerful analytics plug-in, letting you make smarter decisions through real-time social data analysis.
  • Facebook Applications
    Syndicate all of your consumer-written content between your site and your Facebook page to keep pages fresh and attract new shoppers.
  • Proof of ROI
    Get quick reference to data demonstrating the value of Bazaarvoice solutions in real business scenarios.