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Increase revenue and customer retention with a fully customizable loyalty rewards program

Looking to increase customer loyalty, social activity, and friend referrals? Beautiful Loyalty Programs is a must have App!

✔️ Easily customizable - Design a beautifully branded loyalty program widget and customize your display text.

✔️ Automate customer loyalty emails - Keep members in the loop with customizable points notifications, reward emails and more.

✔️ Reward points automatically - Choose the activity you want to reward for:

✨ Making an order

✨ Creating a store account

✨ Giving you their details, including gender and birthday.

✨ Following you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

✨ Sharing your store on Facebook or Twitter

✨ Successful friend referrals

✨ Leaving product reviews

✨ Members' birthdays

✨ Manually add or remove points

✨ Custom actions through our API

✔️ Create motivating rewards - Choose from 10 types of rewards:

✨ % off storewide

✨ $ off storewide

✨ Free shipping

✨ Free product

✨ % off orders over $X

✨ $ off orders over $X

✨ % off specific product

✨ $ off specific product

✨ % off product collection

✨ $ off product collection

✔️ VIP tiers - Keep your most loyal customers shopping with a tiered program that rewards them even faster.

✔️ Reporting and analytics - Measure the health of your customer loyalty with detailed insights and weekly progress emails.

✔️ And more… - Tabless program options, exclude products and customer groups, helpful and friendly support, and more.

Get your store's new loyalty program started in just a few easy steps on the free plan.

Client Reviews (1)

Wonderful App!!! about 9 hours ago by
Let me start by saying I'm a little embarrassed to say, if you check out this app in my store, please know at the time of this posting, I haven't had time to take advantage of all the bells and whistles. I started with Beautiful Loyalty's first app and it was simple and what I needed but a little plain, as most new programs are. I have to say I am blown away with the new iteration of this program/app. It's beautiful, easy to use, with lots of useful information right at a click of a button and very professional looking. It's also very easy for my customers to use and they love it! Now, for the most important part - their customer support is so great! They are always there, quick with an answer to any questions or concerns I have and are very patient too. You can ask any question and they listen to what you are asking! I highly recommend this app to you if you are wanting a rewards program. My customers love it and it keeps them coming back, knowing they are saving up points for something they want or for those that just want a quick reward. Trish