Better Coupon Box

Client Reviews (14)
  • Popup a coupon box to convert visitors into social fans, followers,... and increase your sales.
  • Better User Experience both for you and your customers.
  • User-friendly and responsive design. Works on all devices.

Better Coupon Box - Better User Experience

Do you know that an average bounce rate is around 50%, meaning that about half of people who land on your website leave and don't come back? Marketing costs, obviously you want to take advantage of every visit to your store. But how?

Convert Customers

Better Coupon Box will help to turn every visitor into potential customer. When customers first enter your store, a beautiful and responsive popup will show up to offer them a discount for following one of your social profiles.

Better User Experience - Better Sales

We have optimized User eXperience to the smallest, on both frontend and backend of the app. We aim to make Better Coupon Box the easiest and most simple app for you!


♡♡♡ Why should I use Better Coupon Box?

  1. Increase your fan base in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...
  2. More audience, more chance for sales! Convert your visitors into customers has never been that easy.
  3. UX-UI optimization to the best, making Better Coupon Box the easiest app to use.

♡♡♡ What benefits my customers if I use this app?

  1. Get a coupon code to purchase your cool stuff at a discount price.
  2. Customers can use the coupon code whenever they want by clicking on corner button. Never be afraid that your customers will forget the code at checkout step.
  3. Keep updated with your brand more on social networks.

Get Better Coupon Box to increase your sales today!

With Better Coupon Box, not only your customers feel more motivated to engage with your store, but you can also start converting quickly.

"Wow, I have 10% discount. Let's see what I can use it for!"

Bingo! You have just kept that customer stay longer on your site, which means more time to discover your awesome products, more chance for purchase decision.

How do you think about increasing your revenue by 50% for FREE? Go live with Better Coupon Box in just a few minutes. Start converting your visitors now!

Contact for support within 24 hours

Client Reviews (14)

Very Nice Product about 19 days ago by Debbie Odom
In just a few weeks, we doubled our email subscribers! Great Product.
Great App about 23 days ago by
Better Coupon Box App about 30 days ago by
I really like the better coupon box app it makes my website look very professional and modern!
grabage about 30 days ago by
This app is useless and on top they ask for fake reviews.
Love this app! about 1 month ago by
Simple to install, friendly customer support and best of all, great response from our customers. Highly recommend!
feedback about 1 month ago by
Easy to use and great way to get customers engaged
good about 1 month ago by
Terrific App! 9 months ago by
Terrific app! Outstanding customer support! We were having some difficulty with getting the app integrated into our site and through LiveChat, support got it up and running in no time - Thank you Joanna Marie!
Awesome App!!! 10 months ago by
This app was easy to install with bigcommerce, and was even surprised about the add-on to have facebook messenger. Love that I have the available for my customers who like to communicate with Facebook messenger. Very easy to create custom coupons! LoVe Love love it!!!!!!! Pop-up coupon works like a charm! Thank you!
Wonderful App 10 months ago by

Wonderful app and wonderful support. All works great and very easy to install. The people that I have dealt with are wonderful . Keep up the good work

Fantastic app 10 months ago by

We use Better Coupon Box on our Big Commerce store and can honestly say that this is the best app of its type that we have ever used and we have tried them all. The free Better Coupon Box is far superior in all ways to the paid versions of similar products.

Great looking app! about 1 year ago by

Have recently installed this app to my site. Really impressed with the functions and the look. Customer services were also fast to respond to a query I had. Thanks and Keep it up!

Surprising results! about 1 year ago by Patrick Smith

I didn't expect much from such a simple app, but I was pleasantly surprised when I went into my connected Mailchimp account to find dozens of people had entered their email addresses to get their coupon code (even though they didn't necessarily buy in that moment)! Better Coupon Box is helping me to build my email marketing list without my having to lift a finger. I was very surprised at how effective it was!

Script doesn't work about 1 year ago by

This may be a good app, unfortunately the script you are instructed to copy into your footer.html doesn't work.