Blog Sync

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BlogSync makes it easy for you to import any external blog into your Bigcommerce store. Improve your conversions and SEO!


Import existing posts - from any blog with an RSS feed into Bigcommerce

Keep your blogs synced - BlogSync imports historical posts, new posts easily

Improve store SEO - increase your store's search ranking by providing more relevant content for search engines to index

SEO Benefits

When search engines crawl your site, they index content. To improve your search results, you want to ensure that you have as much high-quality content on your site as possible.Using a blog is one of the best ways to improve your SEO and increase your search engine rankings by ensuring that you have lots of content for search engines to gobble up. Importing your content into your site is a great way of adding more for search engines to find.

Supported Blogs

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

Please note that BlogSync imports as many posts as possible with each of these platforms. However, some platforms do not allow us to import all previous posts. We can do so for WordPress, Blogger, but may not be able to import all old posts from other platforms. However, any new posts moving forward will always be imported and synced.

Client Reviews (2)

Works Extremely well 2 months ago by
Okay i Just installed this app after reading the last review and its worth trying.. Install it and enjoy
Works well, but a couple of problems.. about 1 year ago by

Works well and saves a lot of time but...

1. the date on the blog when imported is July 1970

2. the meta description is most of the blog including html

3. the images aren't imported they link back to the original post

Fix these few problems then 5 Stars from me.