BlueCheck Age Verification For Vape & E-Cig Sellers

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Verify Age, The Right Way.

BlueCheck is the preferred BigCommerce partner for vape and e-cigarette stores.

Become compliant with all federal and state age verification laws in a single click!

Why integrate BlueCheck?

Guaranteed Industry Compliance:

  • Verify your customer is of legal age across all 50 states (defined by shipping address).
  • Automatically photo-ID under age 27 (It's FDA law as of 8/8/16).
  • Check for 21+ in California (STAKE law as of 6/9/16).
  • Check identity against multiple databases (It's the law!)
  • Stay compliant with future regulations

A customer-friendly checkout experience:

  • All data is handled by computer and stored in an encrypted offline server.
  • A quick, one-time account creation allows for even faster repeat checkouts.

How Does it Work?

Customers are directed to verify their age following checkout via a pop-up on the order confirmation page. First time customers are required to complete an initial age verification by submitting the last four digits of their social security number or a photo ID. Upon return to your store customers will be able to re-verify by simply entering in their name, date of birth and a confirmation code. Following verification orders can be processed and moved onto fulfillment.

I'm Updating to Version 3, What's New?

  • Confirmation Codes Available Via SMS and Email
  • Variable Age Setting For Photo ID
  • Improved Design and User Flow
  • Age Verification Pop-up Now Appears After Checkout
  • Compatible with Stencil themes

What Do I Need for Installation?

You will need to log into your BigCommerce Store and your BlueCheck Merchant Portal.


Account Management is your dedicated channel for any questions that you may have regarding services. All questions you have should be directed to our Account Management team at

Client Reviews (4)

Terrible Customer Support 5 months ago by
I have had trouble with this company since we began using them for our age verification purposes. When you put in a support ticket you get an automated message saying it is "being escalated to a manager". The problem is this is the last you hear from them for at least 48 hours. Considering we cannot operate without age verification it makes their service paramount to doing business in our industry. We will be looking for another alternative and hope Big Commerce will look at replacing them in the future with another company that values their customers.
One of the best age verification solutions. 6 months ago by
Technology is a complex space - though the guy's over at, are hard at work to deliver what they aim to be the best Online Age Verification solution for the Vapor Industry. It's the only one that will dynamically adjust for state-level specific age verification in relation to the industry requirements. We have a near perfect success rate of age verification, the process is quite smooth and improvements coming to light just in the month that we've been with them. Keep up the good work - I know you don't get enough credit for it.
Horrible customer support 6 months ago by
Been trying to get it to work. Does nothing but freeze. Wont return calls or emails. Out of 250 bucks
Too Intrusive - poor support 6 months ago by
This is the only Age Verify service that requires a partial SSN which customers REFUSE to supply. The support is awful (took 4 days to get an answer to a single question). The only thing it has going for it is built in BC support. What a waste of $250!