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About the app

Your subscription. Your way.

Bold Subscriptions give brands the freedom to create and configure subscription experiences that build recurring revenue and increase customer lifetime value. Over 20,000 brands trust Bold to power their subscription and membership models, including Metabolic Meals, Lootcrate, and Lifetime Fitness. With our open APIs, brands have ultimate flexibility to tailor the subscription experience, customize the subscriber portal, add unique rule sets, integrate with other applications, and extend subscriptions into new channels.

Migrating to Bold Subscriptions

Bold migrates brands from virtually any platform with white-glove service without any migration fee. We do the data migration in-house to ease the transition process for the merchants and lower the stress. Our in-house team of specialists validates data and guides brands through the migration process from start to finish to ensure a smooth transition for existing subscribers with zero subscriber interruption.

App Features

Set up and scale quickly by activating features as you need them

Get up and running quickly and easily with out-of-the-box advanced subscription capabilities available in our solution, such as subscribe and save, prepaid subscriptions, product swapping, discount codes, recurrence rules, subscription builder, and more.

Grow revenue and LTV with a custom subscription offering

Bold Subscriptions provides powerful, API-driven customization options to build and scale a subscription service that fits your business. Tailor your setup, checkout flow, and customer portal for a one-of-a-kind subscription experience to drive dependable recurring revenue. Our solution is purpose-built for complex subscription use cases, making big ideas come true.

Keep customers subscribed by giving them flexibility and control

Allow your customers to completely manage their own orders by editing, skipping, or canceling their subscriptions through Customer Portal. This feature additionally allows your customers to change payment methods and update the delivery dates for their orders.

A growing ecosystem of integrations to help improve your recurring revenue experience

Bold Subscriptions has powerful integrations for email & SMS communication to engage your audiences with strategic messaging campaigns and the ability to connect to over 2000 other web services using Zapier. You can be up and running with these integrations in just a few clicks. Learn more about how these integrations can help improve your recurring revenue experience.

Case Studies

How Metabolic Meals is making complex and personalized meal subscriptions scalable

"With Bold, we can add in new capabilities in a matter of days instead of weeks. We have faster time to market through quicker development cycles."

How Sitka Salmon Shares leveraged recurrence rules for managing subscriptions for seasonal products

"The capability that really solidified Bold as the right choice was their RRULE capabilities. Where other subscription services were going to require us to bend business logic to fit their model, Bold offered a flexible approach that was intuitive to our members and model."

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  • Custom Price:
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