Boost Sales

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  • Increases sales from every order by using Up-sell and Cross-sell techniques for your online store.
  • Up-sell encourages customers to add higher-value or more items to their carts
  • Cross-sell allows you to offer a package deal for customers, motivate them to buy more than planned

✓ Up-Sell

Upsell helps to suggest your customers:

  • buy the more expensive model of the same product
  • or buy another relevant product of your choice

For example: suggesting customers to buy a matching pair of shoes with the skirt they're viewing at 30% discount. Not only you can take more profit, but you've just added more benefits to your customers.

Upsell Smart Recommendation

If enabled by you, for every upsell offer you create, Boost Sales will use big data to automatically track customer browsing history. Then our app will analyze the collected data to understand what they're interested in, which products catch their interest,… By understanding your customers deeply, Boost Sales app will automatically pick appropriate products to recommend in your upsell offers.

✓ Cross-Sell

Cross-sell suggests your customers to buy a set of additional products that are closely connected with the product or service they are viewing.

For example: you can offer a package deal of "T-shirt - pant and shoes" at a lower price than buying each item separately. When a customer views 1 item from the deal, Boost Sales app will automatically suggest to add 2 other items to cart to save his/her money.

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