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Increase the average order value with Upsells & Cross-sells:

Boost Sales app features 2 proven effective selling strategies that used to account for 35% of Amazon's total sales back in 2006 (and even more now): Upselling & Cross-selling, backed by a powered-by-AI recommendation engine.

Wanna sell more to current customers by suggesting items they might want to buy based on what they just added to cart? You can create Upsell offers to recommend related items or higher-priced items.

Wanna sell frequently-bought-together items in a value combo? You can create Cross-sell offers to bundle up items that go well together and sell the whole package at a discount price.

When customers reach cart page, they are either ready to check out, or about to abandon cart. In either scenario, Last-step Upsell offers will sell more to those willing to pay, or give those leaving the cart other options to reconsider their decision.

If you're selling a small number of products, manually selecting products to upsell and cross-sell might not be very painful. What if you're running a big eCommerce website with a huge inventory? Save your time and efforts with the built-in Auto-Recommendation engine. Once activated, it will collect & analyze your sale data and customers' behaviors to automatically generate offers your customers might be interested in.

Why Boost Sales is a must-try app for BigCommerce merchants:

  1. All provenly poweful upsell & cross-sell features are built in just 1 app to give you a variety of options to drive more sales from current customers, without installing a bunch of different apps
  2. Easy and intuitive to use, set up in under 2 minutes, required no coding skills
  3. Design highly customizable with 10+ themes to match with your store's look & feel
  4. Create multiple offers in 60 seconds by importing csv file. Save your time and maximize app efficiency.
  5. Beautifully responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices.
  6. Detailed report on every offer to help you optimize for better performance.
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Client Reviews (19)

Working perfectly about 1 month ago by
Great app! It's really increase your revenue, every 5th customer adds something to cart from upsell or cross sell offers. Awesome customer support, they'll help you with any problem
Professional design about 1 month ago by
Beautiful well layer-out app love it! it's also easy to work with. Customer support is so helpful when I need them
awesome about 1 month ago by
This app is awesome !!! I love it ! Many options to sell more and optimize your shop ! Thank you very much !
Works and then it doesn't 2 months ago by
This looked like it was going to work great, but for some reason it just stopped working. Support can be slow to respond. It's free, but not necessarily reliable.
Customer Support 5 months ago by
I am quite disappointed in Beekeeting, I messaged a customer support specialist during support hours, a specialist responded and asked how they could help me and then ignored me. I am completely irritated.
Great App for increasing order value! 6 months ago by
This app works great. It isn't intrusive as it gives the customer the option to checkout AND also gives them special offers on items if they choose to add them with their order. Definitely worth checking out. Personally, I be keeping it! Also, their support is stellar. :)
Great App, Good Customer Service 6 months ago by
After some initial teething issues, the app is now working well. Communication by Beeketing is prompt and they fix problems as they arise in a timely manner. The app is making marketing a lot easier. I recommend this app.
Great checkout experience 6 months ago by
This might be the thing I need! I have about 100 add to carts, 50 checkouts and 3 sales, so something is probably wrong with my checkout page. I was stuck on some of the coding but the staff came in and did it for me. Excited!
Great support team 7 months ago by
Support team was very helpful and engaged in fixing issues
This app is really worth it! 7 months ago by
This app is really worth it! I'm pretty new to Bigcommerce but it has really made a difference with my sales! Thanks for a great product!!!
After lots of work, it's working! 7 months ago by
After weeks of back and forth, the support team was able to make this integration work. Now we actually get to use the app and see how it performs! We recommend addressing this with BK right off: the options the app creates to offer discounts are named very cryptically and when they show to a customer they are very odd at best. But the team eventually was able to hide all instances of the odd description and now we are using the app! Thanks to support for sticking with this.
Brilliant Piece Of Tool To Have 7 months ago by inf...ore
If you run an eCommerce store on BigCommerce, you need Boost Sales with question. Within an hour of installing the app, we got two conversions on our store. This are sales we wouldn't have made without this app. So, it's easy to see how valuable this tool can be. I highly recommend the app.
Boost sales 7 months ago by
Excellent results
Try this one 7 months ago by
A key e-commerce tactic is up- and cross-selling and this app makes it easy to get those other suitable products (for us it's offering additioanl straps when a customer adds a watch to their cart) in front of them at the right time and makes it easy to add or swap their selection.
Best team, best app! 7 months ago by
Great App! The Beeketing team helped us and installed the app for free. Their communication with us and work were quick. As soon as the app was installed, we started getting orders with more items because of the upsell. The revenue increased. Thanks Beeketing team. Great work!
Great app and support is super 8 months ago by
Just started using it for a short time but saw instant results. Had a little problem with the coding and the support team were a great help, no hassle at all to help us out. Making upsell and cross sell offers with this is quick and easy.
Does Not Work 8 months ago by
The app does not function correctly. I tried to contact someone but they could not help me.
Major Flaws 11 months ago by
When using products that we set at to Not Track Inventory it doesn't work. Also. options and prices on those options do not update correctly. So the customer will see the price before adding to the cart and once those items are in the cart the cart shows the real price. This was usually more so imagine the customer seeing $135 and then the cart says $155. Also choosing sizes on the initial drop down did not carry over to the app so the customer would have to re-select. Now here is the weird one. This created several option sets in our store and applied them to the products we had in an upsell. So we had uninstalled the code because it wasn't working with the test products we tried, and then these strange option and option set appeared as a checkbox on the product page. Didn't stop anyone from ordering but had to remove those option sets and then remove the app. This could be good but needs work on the Bigcommerce app - it's not ready. Don't like the commission they would take and not sure if they take commission from just the upsell part of a sale or the whole thing. For example, if product A is $100 but then the upsell products are $50, not sure if the commission is on the whole $150 or just the $50 because it would not be fair to take it from the entire $150 as the customer was already going to buy that product. Like the holiday themes that you could apply but the bigcommerce app needs work - and it needs to be TESTED thoroughly before released. They should take it down until it's really been tested.
Works pretty well about 1 year ago by Chris Michael
BigCommerce has needed a good upsell app for a while now. This is a pretty nice solution, although we need to test it further. The reporting needs a little work to be more clear, but again, it's a good option for what we're doing. Thanks guys!