Bronto Connector

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The Bronto Connector will stream your BigCommerce customers and orders straight into your Bronto account. Once you enter your Bronto token, all of your existing data gets sent up to Bronto. After the initial migration, customer and order information is maintained in real time so that any change made in your BigCommerce store gets pushed right to Bronto. Mappings can be configured to specify where you want your custom fields to map to in Bronto's system.

Key features:

Easy Setup – Subscribe to the application from the BigCommerce app gallery, add the Bronto API token and configure any custom fields to be sent.

Error Reporting – View all data errors in one convenient place and easily identify any that could not be loaded into Bronto.

Contact Import – Load contacts into Bronto as they are created or changed.

Order Import – Loads orders from the BigCommerce store into the Bronto system, attached to the Bronto contact.

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