cartglue - Facebook Messenger Cart Bot

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A cartglue bot increases sales, conversion rates, and ad spend ROI by sending automated messages to those who have abandoned their shopping carts. Simply put, cartglue helps you get motivated customers to take that final step by completing checkout on your BigCommerce store.

A cartglue bot compliments your existing messaging efforts by automating the sending of:

✓ Order confirmations

✓ Order status changes

✓ Shipments

cartglue is a Facebook Messenger toolkit for ecommerce - powered by our Dispatch platform. The bundled bot product expands your store's reach and invites re-engagement.

✓ Raise awareness - get your business, product or service in front of more people

✓ Acquire customers - generate more leads and turn your conversations into conversions

✓ Provide support - create a scalable, real-time customer service experience that feels personal

from $20 / month. 10 day free trial.

Client Reviews (1)

Game Changer 1 day ago by
Abandoned carts are a big deal for our industry and we do everything we can do make sure you can show that cart to someone who left it behind as much as possible. We discovered cartglue browsing the BC app store one day and decided to give it a shot. Integration was pretty easy, one div tag, one script to toss on the cart or checkout page. If you do get stuck they have some incredibly helpful engineers that can help walk you right through it. The platform is much more robust than we first thought, it turns out cartglue is basically a facebook messenger abandoned cart bot, post scheduler (much look hootsuite) and a messenger engagement tool all in one. I expected this service to cost quite a bit for the feature set and potential value it adds, and as it turns out its quite reasonably priced, we are on the highest plan and it's still a fraction of what we pay for our email marketing tools. If you are serious about messenger engagement (and if you are not, you should be) give cartglue a test drive.