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About the app

Join thousands of BigCommerce stores in understanding why your customers leave their shopping carts unprocessed. You can help them complete the orders, or know what to improve next, and more!

Cart Manager by Cartio is a cart management app on the BigCommerce Marketplace platform. It enables you to fully control your customers' cart. With Cartio, you can:

  • View carts of a customer or a guest
  • View active carts & abandoned carts
  • Modify the cart by adding or removing products
  • Create order out of a cart
  • Prepare draft carts that can be sent to customers for later checkout
  • Set up 5 follow-up emails for abandoned carts
  • Assign "Guest Orders" to the existing customer accounts based on their email address (Merge order accounts)
  • Block spamming or unwanted shoppers

App Features

View and control carts

Explore what your customers have in their shopping bags. You can even help your customers prepare their items before reaching the checkout screen.

Create orders out of carts

A customer is getting trouble with checkout? The App eases the pain by allowing you to create an order with the customer's current cart and collect the payment at a later time.

Prepare draft carts which can be shared to customers

If you are a wholesaler with many customers who usually make the same orders time after time, then this feature is perfect for you. This App helps you create a collection of pre-built carts which can be shared to your customers via email or a direct hyperlink.

Assign Guest Orders to existing customer accounts

This feature connects any Guest Order to an existing customer account in your store if their emails are matched. It enhances your reward point and customer loyalty ranking systems.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

With Abandoned Cart Saver feature, you can set up and schedule up to 5 emails to send to potential customers who have left their cart behind.

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