Checkout Boost

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  • Boost store's checkout rate and gain new consumers every purchase by social network sharing
  • Widely promote your shop without spending a penny on Marketing
  • Encourage customers to add more items to cart by special sales

✓ Share a product on social networks to receive free gift / free shipping / discount

When your customer checks out, a beautifully-designed popup window will open the chance for them to receive free gift, free shipping or discount if they share this product on social networks.

✓ Gain new customers from social networks via Word of Mouth

Let's say you are selling iPhone cases, it's perfect to offer a screen protection for free if customers share this product on their Facebook.

It will not only motivate them to finish purchase to catch your offer, but it will help a lot in introducing new customers to your store without spending any fee in Marketing or Facebook Ads.

✓ Exit intent

Exit intent technology allows you to show offers when customers are about to leave your store (by navigating the mouse out of the screen). It targets your checkout-boost offers to abandoned-cart customers only, which helps to close the sales and prevent showing discount to everyone as well.

✓ Super easy to install and customize your offer

  • Create as many gifts or discounts as you want
  • Set free gift, free shipping or discount for some products only, for a collection or for all products
  • Send offer to customers right away without asking for social network sharing

Contact for support within 24 hours

From $20/ month with 15 day free trial

Client Reviews (1)

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Really help my sales grow