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Boost conversion rate by 25%+ & Generate referral traffic by social network sharing with the Best BigCommerce App in Marketing & Sales.

Checkout Boost empowers you to create exciting types of free gift / discount / free shipping offers to motivate your customers to complete checkout and get your special rewards.

♡ 6 Types of Offers that Make Real Impacts on your Sales

#1 Free gift / Freeshipping / Discount offers to promote social network sharing

Show an offer popup after customers add items to cart on product pages or review orders on cart page, asking them to share their cart on Facebook or Twitter in order to receive a free gift / free shipping / discount code.

Generate referral traffic from social network sharing created by your customers. No more Facebook ads pain. With Checkout Boost, the more offers you send to customers, the more shares you get, and the more social traffic you win.

#2 Countdown Timer offers to create urgency

Online shoppers are prompted to making instant purchase because they are pressed for time. That's why Amazon runs flash sales or time-limited deals and makes bunch of profit from that.

You can do the same with Checkout Boost: create Countdown Timer offers that urge customers to get your special flash offers right away before time runs out.

A nice countdown timer will show on the popup and minimized icon on the website corner to remind customers that clock is ticking!

#3 Exit-intent offers to prevent cart abandonment

e-Commerce industry sees an overall a cart abandonment rate of 68%. Ignore this fact? You're leaving a lot of potential sales on the table.

Create Exit Intent offers with Checkout Boost to detect leaving customers, catch their attention on your sweet offers, and convert them back into sales.

#4 Sales Gamification to increase average order value

Wanna create a little fun for your customers when they shop with you, while increase even more sales at the same time? Apply gamification rules to your offers with Checkout Boost.

This feature allows you to show offers only to customers whose order value reaches a goal amount. A heading bar will show up to encourage customers to spend a little more in order to receive a sweet offer.

It's a win-win offer that both you and your customers will definitely love!

#5 BOGO offers that actually convert

If you want to create Buy-1-Get-1 promotions, Checkout Boost app helps you run such BOGO popups on as many products as you want.

You can also ask customers to share their cart on social media to receive your BOGO offers.

#6 Post-checkout Upsell Recommendations to motivate more purchases

It's 5 times easier to sell more to current buyers than to new customers. How can you do that with Checkout Boost's Post-checkout offers?

After customers complete an order, a popup comes out to reward them a special discount if they share cart to social media, then upsell more items they might be interested in based on order they just made.

Now that customers receive an awesome offer from you, they will come back to redeem their discount, make more purchase, and become your loyal fan forever!

♡ 7000+ eCommerce stores trust Checkout Boost

  • A top-notch sales app that unleashes the golden potential from social media for your store
  • UI-UX is optimized to the best both for you and your customers
  • Beautifully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure you can never lost any potential sales
  • 20+ Themes to bring an active, unique and modern look to your store
  • Detailed report on full conversion funnel of each offer so you can optimize them for better sales
  • Extremely easy to use, no coding skills required, all is prepared for you so you can create offers in less than 1 minute, even tweet messages for your customers to share!
  • 24/24 Super fast customer support via hotline and email to make sure the app works perfectly on your store!

Install Checkout Boost Now- Your Social Buddy to Boost Sales to the Max!

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Client Reviews (13)

Customer Service Harasses You - Avoid This Company 4 months ago by
I initially tried this app because we needed a certain discount program. After trying the app we learned it did not do what we wanted so we uninstalled it. We thought that was the end of it. However the company who makes this app would NOT stop harassing us/emailing us/adding us to their various email lists. Multiple times a day they kept spamming us. So we decided to re-install it JUST to leave this review. We had no intentions of leaving any review, the program just didn't do what we needed. However based on the POOR customer service we decided to leave this now. We even emailed someone direct who apologized however they still kept spamming us. STAY AWAY if you value your privacy. They will harass you and spam you if you decide not to use their product.
Works Well 5 months ago by
This seems to be working well and was fairly easy to configure and install. I've tweaked it a few times but I have to give it a good rating.
Decision Pending 5 months ago by
This looked like a great app for my shop. I've only been trying it for a couple weeks, and so far, no social referrals at all, but my traffic probably hasn't been amazing either, so I'm going to give this a couple more months to go. Only got one sale and 18 offer views.
Great app 5 months ago by
Great app, works perfectly!
Great app 5 months ago by
Great app, works perfectly!
So far so good 5 months ago by
So far, so good. Has worked really well for us in boosting conversions and selling more t-shirts. Coupon offers integrate well with the shopping cart.
Great support team 5 months ago by
All staff was very helpful and fix problems of theme integration and related issues
Great customer support 6 months ago by
I have been looking for a way to increase conversion rate and this has helped so much. They installed the app for me within an hour after I requested. Works great and lots of options on how to provide offers! Love it.
Great App 6 months ago by
Works well, boosts sales. A little expensive, but if used correctly will easily give an excellent return on investment. Recommended!
Great app 6 months ago by
The developer goes out of their way to make sure you understand the app and that it is working to the best of it's ability. I highly recommend it!
5 Stars for this A+ app 6 months ago by
Kelly and her team are simply the best at what they do. I anticipate a much higher conversion rate thanks to such a resource-rich app that checks all of the boxes we wanted in terms of having the shopping cart front and center in the minds of a potential customer. The offers that you're able to offer and the sense of urgency this creates in the mind of a customer cannot be overstated. Thank you again for developing such a great app!
Highly recommended app to run promotions 7 months ago by
To be honest, this app has driven quite a number of sales to my website. Customers really react to the urgency especially when the timer is perpetually ticking down right in front of their faces. Highly recommended app. Only thing is there is not much customisation regarding how the pop-up box looks and feel in the lowest version so it is difficult to make it blend into the theme of your website. To do so you need to upgrade to the Ninja version.
Great App about 1 year ago by
Really help my sales grow