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More than 80% of shoppers want brands to support charitable causes.

Companies like eBay and Amazon use a charity checkout option to reduce cart abandonment & increase sales.

By using 'Checkout Donations,' you can seamlessly boost loyalty among your customers while supporting leading charities.

The app presents a round-up/ add $1 donation option on the checkout page. The donation option appears seamlessly above the purchase button for an opt-in donation.

Checkout Donations partners with leading non-profits and manages all the 'heavy lifting' in the partnership process. Our growing list of charity partners includes the World Food Program, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans, and more! You can easily refer any charity directly from within the app.

Get Started in Minutes

  • Once installed, select a charity to support or refer new charities onto the app.
  • Upon visiting the checkout page, shoppers will see a small donation section below the basket items.
  • When your customer clicks to round up/ add donation, the amount will be automatically added to the pre-tax total.
  • Checkout Donations will send you a monthly report and invoice for the appropriate donation amount.
  • Checkout Donations will facilitate an easy donation directly to your chosen non-profit(s). You will receive full recognition for that donation in a receipt.

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$4.99 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (1)

Does NOT work at all, waste of time and money. Bigcomerce need to remove this error App. 4 months ago by Nuka G Anue