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About the app

cleanCART prevents coupon extensions like Honey and CapitalOne Shopping from auto-injecting discount codes at checkout and other pages.

Increase Average Order Value

Blocks unauthorized coupons injected by extensions in real-time to recover profits without requiring merchants to take further action.

Set it and Forget it

Never worry about coupon leakage again. Take the time your team spent tracking down leaked codes and put it toward your business growth.

Seamless User Experience

Coupon extensions will still activate, but users will be presented with a message that they already have the best deal.

App Features

Stop extensions like Honey from allowing the use of unwanted discount codes on your site.
  • Prevent extensions from auto injecting coupons onto your checkout pages
  • Recognize when visitors are using a coupon extension
  • See which extensions they are using
  • Set it and forget it: automatically block coupon extensions from injecting discount codes
  • No negative impact on page load speeds
Users will experience your website exactly how you want them to.
  • There will be no interruption to the user experience
  • The experience for users will simply be as if the coupon extension found no available deals
  • Users can still manually type coupon codes as they always have
Detailed analytics will show you how coupon extensions are affecting your site, including:
  • Total amount of dollars lost to coupon extensions
  • Top coupon codes used by extensions
  • Which extensions are being used
  • Cart conversion rates

Case Studies

How ROAD iD was Able to Eliminate Revenue Loss and Confidently Scale their Ambassador Program Using cleanCART

"The estimated savings provided by cleanCART is the most trustworthy metric I've found for estimating just how much these extensions could be costing us." → Adam Banks, Technical Lead, ROAD iD

How Hygge and West Put an End To Unauthorized Coupon Usage

"Prior to cleanCART, we spent about 30 minutes per day watching for sales tied to incorrect coupon usage. Now we don't even have to think about it at all." → Christiana Coop, Co-founder of Hygge & West

How Caraway Home Increased Average Order Value by 5.6% with cleanCART

"CleanCART has been a great tool for blocking coupons. I've been very impressed. The A/B tests we were able to run confirm that these last-minute code redemptions in the purchase funnel are not providing incremental value." → Josh Knopman, the Director of Growth and Digital Product at Caraway Solves Attribution Problems and Preserves Top Line Revenue with cleanCART

"On top of being an affordable product, cleanCART has provided a significant return on investment for us." → JD Alewine, Ecommerce Manager

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $299 / month


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