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About the app

Cloverly is an easy way to offset the carbon footprint of your customers' online transactions and make your shipments green! Are your customers among the 200,000+ who have chosen to use Cloverly to offset their deliveries' carbon footprint? It usually costs them less than $1, and costs store owners nothing. Just install the Cloverly app from the BigCommerce Marketplace to your store to get started. Doing your part for the planet has never been so quick and easy.

App Features

Simple BigCommerce integration directly at check out

Easy placement and timing options control how the app works on your checkout page.

Store options can be configured quickly

Use the settings form to configure defaults such as app behavior which allows you to let customers purchase offsets, used fixed price offsets, or "offset everything" and pick up the costs for your customers.

Support a wide range of carbon offset and renewable energy projects

Connect your customers to sustainability projects in your own backyard or around the world. View a current listing of our projects at

Sustainability reports for your store

Easy web-based reports are available for your customers, your board, and your employees.

All app content is customizable to match your theme

Store settings allow for full CSS and HTML customization. Leverage sandbox mode to test and finalize styling without disrupting normal orders.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free but requires card


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