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Amazon & eBay power, BigCommerce control!

Bulk listing creation & management for all Amazon & eBay globally. Real-time sync of products, inventory across all channels and marketplace orders to BigCommerce.

Why Codisto?

It works! Also, Codisto Linq is the only app to provide bulk Amazon & eBay listing creation & management natively in BigCommerce. Why use another platform when you can use BigCommerce? Other 'apps' redirect you to their own platform – Codisto Linq allows you to simply use BigCommerce – making it the fastest & easiest marketplaces solution by far!

Easy as

If you can use a spreadsheet, you already know how to use Codisto Linq! Our unique user grid is so simple to use and allows you to quickly filter, sort and bulk edit thousands of items with ease.

Perfect performance

Real-time sync means that products, inventory and orders are always up to date - there's no danger of overselling. This is achieved by advanced software architecture built upon global Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure with multiple redundancies and dynamic load balancers.

Separate Amazon & eBay rules

Want to sell differently on Amazon & eBay compared with BigCommerce? No problem - setting marketplace specific values such as price, quantity, title, description, returns policy and shipping costs is simple to do for any individual or group of listings. Rules can constant values e.g. always list with a quantity of 5 (never reduce) or even be formula driven e.g. increase price by $10 if quantity drops below 3.

Variant listings

Multi-variant listings are created automatically from variants in BigCommerce saving hours of complex manual creation time.

Shipment tracking data automatically updated

Codisto Linq automatically transfers shipment data to Amazon & eBay to keep customers informed on order status and ensure you adhere to marketplace account requirements for timely order updates.

Create Amazing templates

A professional active content compliant template is automatically applied to all eBay listings but if you want to use a custom design our template engine has been developed to support the most sophisticated use cases – unlimited templates, use logic to drive template design and full meta-field support allows you to automatically have templates updated as your catalog changes or new products are added.

30 Day Free Trial

Reach over 300 million new customers risk free. Try Codisto Linq for 30 days free trial. No contracts, cancel anytime. Why wouldn't you try it?

From $29/month, 30 day free trial

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