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About the app

Comestri is empowering brands to sell more every day.

The Comestri app offers real-time shipping quotes, allowing your customers to quickly choose their preferred shipment method from the available options. Get the free Comestri app to connect your BigCommerce store with the Comestri OMS and provide personalised shipping quotes for a faster, smoother checkout experience.

With the Comestri app, you can:

  • Provide real-time shipping quotes
  • Personalise shipping quote labels
  • Localise shipping quote labels for different shipping zones

App Features

Real-time shipping quotes
  • Present shipping quotes instantly on the checkout screen as your customers type in the shipping location.
Personalised shipping quote labels
  • Customise shipping labels to support your store branding.
  • Use advanced Comestri macros to add detailed shipment information, like number of days to deliver.
  • Preconfigure multiple shipping quote labels to support localisation for shipping zones.

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