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Create your free Compass dashboard in 1 minute (no technical skills required)


  • Compass empowers small and medium-sized stores with enterprise-level analytics
  • View data from different sources in one single dashboard (for example Shopify, Amazon and Google Analytics)
  • Track more than 30 ecommerce metrics for example Customer Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, Refunds and Customer Acquisition Costs)
  • 100% risk free - all basic features are free
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction with 97.9% 5-Star reviews
  • Fast and friendly EMail support with less than 12 hours response time

Product Features:

  • Benchmark Report
    • Benchmark your ecommerce metrics against similar companies
    • Learn about your store's strengths and weaknesses
    • Answer questions such as "How is my Conversion Rate for Direct traffic doing compared to similar stores?"
    • Example benchmarks: Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Repurchase Rate, Revenue Growth
  • Insights Report
    • Use machine-learning to identify your key growth opportunities
    • Set Marketing goals based on data
  • Acquisition Report
    • Review the Return-on-Investment of your acquisition channels (e.g. Facebook and Google AdWords)
    • Optimise your Marketing budget allocation
    • Revenue Report
    • Track your revenue channels in one report (for example Shopify, Amazon and PayPal)
    • Example metrics: Customer Lifetime Value, Refunds, Repurchase Rate, Average Order Value, Revenue
  • Executive Report
    • Get a high-level overview of your store's performance
    • View forecasts for a realistic goal setting
    • Example metrics: Revenue, Visitors

Why Compass:

Compass is used by thousands of stores with a total Gross Merchandise Volume of more than $13 Billion/year. Our customer get access to one interface providing them with a single view of all important ecommerce metrics, benchmarks and industry insights. We designed Compass to make it easier for you to track, read and understand your data.

Client Reviews (5)

Fantastic insights! 8 months ago by
Very easy to understand. You can see where your site needs to be improved and what you are doing great. Great app!
Great App! about 1 year ago by
This app offers great insights, though we'd like to be able to see it developed further from present state. Hopefully costs don't grow too much.
Great overview about 1 year ago by
I'm just getting started really paying attention to my stats - and Compass is making it very easy! Everything is broken down so I can see what areas I really need to improve, and which are doing well at the moment.
Good insights about 1 year ago by
Good insights but could do better with more features and in depth stats, also layout should be user friendly, also too costly for startups, so a reasonable pricepoint should do it.
Highly recommended! about 1 year ago by
Really impressive service that extracts data from multiple sources and then presents it in a series of informative and above all useful reports that give you an insight into how your online business is performing and how you can improve things. Highly recommended!