Connex for QuickBooks Enterprise

Client Reviews (7)

Connex automatically syncs customers, inventory, products, and orders with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Wholesale & Manufacturing, or QuickBooks Enterprise. Here are some of the benefits:

- Eliminate double entry!

- Get accurate financial reports in QuickBooks. Know how much you're selling in certain areas.

- Keep track of Accounts Receivable.

- Sync inventory and pricing updates to Bigcommerce and other selling channels easily within fifteen to twenty minutes.

- Add connections to QuickBooks from Amazon, eBay or ShipStation easily.

- Map customers, payment methods, and SKUs automatically to QuickBooks.

$399 upfront & $49 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (7)

Poor Customer Service 5 months ago by
Used Connex to connect BigCommerce and Quickbooks Enterprise. Worked great to pull orders into Quickbooks however, had issues connecting to Channel Advisor. Took 3 weeks to try to resolve, constant email exchanges, frustrating "try this" instructions that went nowhere or in circles. Product quantities would not sync even though the software was reporting that it was working. We gave it our best shot because of the affordability of the product but the overall frustration of constant email exchanges with tech support instead of actually getting into our system remotely to fix the problems was the end. It just shouldn't be so difficult.
Outstanding App! Even better Customer Service! about 1 year ago by
I purchased Connex after having a question answered within minutes of asking if it would do a specific item. An hour into it, and I was pulling orders into QuickBooks Enterprise from BigCommerce automatically. The field mapping is excellent, and its fast! This is a 5 star program, glad I cancelled the other plan! 9/9/2016 Update: Had some more questions regarding mapping. Sent an email off at 5:27pm, and had a response in my mailbox at 8:24am the following morning! I would up the rating to 6 stars if I could. Excellent Customer service, and a very solid software package as well. Thanks! Quint
Very responsive custom help. about 1 year ago by
Used with ShipStation, SkuVault, and BigCommerce to sync sales and taxable information. Some customization was needed in the beginning but Joseph was able to correct all of our problems very quickly. Help Files are confusing to navigate to, and website seems to not be laid out in a manner that allows you to explore as easy, but support responds so fast it's almost unnecessary. Using QB Enterprise 2016, and definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a communication solution to QB.
Works well for us over 2 years ago by

We chose Connex because we run our current store by syncing with Quickbooks Enterprise using Web Connector and since Connex works the same way, it is ideal for us.  We can have our BigCommerce store sync with the inventory along side our other store (we are selling the same items in two different stores).

I had some "special requests" from Connex and they worked through them for me one by one and they are prompt in communicating.  Thanks!  Paul

Connex for QuickBooks over 2 years ago by Geary Morris

Great product and support!  Would prefer a phone support line but they get back to you quickly with email support and did call me direct when a problem got complicated (was more QuickBooks related than them).  


Connect to Quickbooks enterprise over 2 years ago by mcfaddenfarm

This company was great!!! Logged in to my computer and had me connected to Quick books in about 20 minutes. I first tired the soft cookies program it was very hard to figure out and when I had questions they didn't  get back to me for three days. Highly recommend Connex for quickbooks.


McFadden Farm

Connex Connector, it does what it's supposed to. over 3 years ago by

Works great with both Quickbooks and Shipstation integrations. Had a few coding errors initially, but they were resolved very quickly and Joe is very good with response time and communication. Easy, intuitive interface, great reporting logs, fast updates. If you use QB Enterprise, this is the one for you. Customer service could be just a little better, and help files could be a little better organized, otherwise I'd give them 5 starts. Still, great price and connection software. Give them a try.