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About the app

Constructor.io is the only search and product discovery platform tailor-made for enterprise eCommerce where conversions matter.Constructor's cloud-based solutions use natural language processing, machine learning-enhanced results ranking, and collaborative personalization to deliver powerful user experiences across all facets of product discovery -- from search to browse, recommendations, and autosuggest. We optimize revenue before relevance. This has allowed us to generate consistent $10M+ lifts for our customers, which include some of the biggest brands in retail like Sephora, Backcountry, Expensify, American Apparel, and Bonobos.

Grow revenue with search experiences that shoppers adore

The Constructor Search advantage starts with exceptional search results: relevant, attractive, intelligently ranked, and personalized for each user. What follows is a virtuous cycle of deepening engagement: more searches, more purchases, increased loyalty and deeper engagement. What's more, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and behavioral data improve search results into the future.

Personalized results that increase conversions in 6-weeks or less

With every search, every click and every purchase, customers are telling you what they want to buy. Constructor Search uses that valuable information to personalize and rank results for improved conversions. Product catalog and search queries remain important, but additional context such as purchase history, trending products, price range and more is the difference-maker that powers our personalization engine, all of which we can deploy with you in less than 6 weeks.

Analytics and insights to recognize trends and capitalize on opportunities

Gain a merchant's-eye-view into exactly where your search is and isn't performing to drive engagement, revenue and gross margin from search. By using the extensive reporting and powerful tools provided by Constructor Search's merchant controls, merchants are able to quickly identify trends, optimize search outcomes and act on opportunities for improvement within a single unified interface.

Constructor is a U.S.-based company that was founded in 2015 by Eli Finkelshteyn and Dan McCormick.

App Features

Machine Learning-enhanced Reranking

Constructor Search uses machine learning (ML), behavioral clickstream data, natural language processing (NLP) and your business goals to drive conversions and revenue. In controlled production A/B tests, Constructor's automated, self-learning approach to personalized results ranking repeatedly drove more search-related revenue and more customer checkouts. In other words, both site owners and customers succeed with Constructor Search's ML-enhanced reranking.

Collaborative in-session Personalization

By leveraging available personal and behavioral, Constructor Search tracks query terms and counts of click-throughs, conversions and purchases to improve future search outcomes. User information is hashed to ensure privacy. By leveraging available personal data, Constructor returns personalized search recommendations. For example, If a user demonstrates purchase intent for "organic" items, "organic" items will be ranked higher in future search results, regardless of her query.

Merchant tooling to boost revenue opportunities

Merchant controls work along with natural language processing, machine learning algorithms and collaborative personalization to provide an automated solution that improves conversions, revenue and customer loyalty. Maximize search-related revenue opportunities from new product launches, holiday collections, slotting allowances and more with Constructor Searchandizing. Gain visibility into customer search journeys, trending searches and improvement opportunities through search analytics dashboards.

Search, browse, recommendations & personalization in one platform

Unify your search, browse, recommendation and personalization vendor strategy with one cutting edge solution, one vendor, one integration. Constructor optimizes the entire product search and discovery experience by sharing insights across a unified platform, for new and anonymous visitors.

Case Studies


Backcountry is considered by many outdoor enthusiasts to be the place to search for and purchase the outdoor sporting gear they love.Constructor drove 8% more RPV than Backcountry's legacy search platform on Competitive Cyclist, on top of a 2% lift in RPV on Backcountry.com and Steep & Cheap.


Bonobos, a fast-growing digitally native brand with an expanding catalog and a growing multi-channel strategy, lives and breathes online clothes shopping. Constructor drove 9% more search revenue than Bonobos' legacy search platform, on top of a 6% lift in browse conversions, a 92% lift in recommendations conversions, and a 22% lift in recommendations AOV.

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