Coopt Campaigns - Offer Coupons for Sharing on Facebook

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Stop giving away coupons! Give customers a reason to share your store.

Offer customers instant rewards, based on your settings, that they redeem by sharing your store on Facebook. The entire process takes less than 5 seconds, and is guaranteed to drive high quality traffic to your store.

With Coopt Campaigns, you can stop giving away coupons - and instead allow your customers to show off your store in their Facebook news feed - in exchange for the coupon code.

Coopt allows customers to unlock coupons by sharing your store on Facebook.

Word of mouth referrals are the #1 driver of high quality business leads. Don't spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or hundreds of hours building your Facebook fan page without reaching this key audience channel.

Coopt Campaigns allows your customers to unlock coupons for sharing your store on Facebook.

You get increased exposure; they get a little something for the shoutout.

Set up is easy…

To begin, simply sign up for an account, set the amount you wish to offer customers for sharing your store, and Coopt Campaigns generates a link that you can share in a marketing email, social media post, advertisement, or anywhere else you reach your audience.

When the link is selected and your store is shared, our app will verify the post and release the coupon code to the customer.

Now watch your customers Facebook endorsements drive high quality, targeted visitors to your store.

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Client Reviews (2)

Increases Traffic from Facebook about 1 year ago by

Roughly 20% of the people that I shared the Campaigns link to are sharing just to receive a 10% off coupon that we set up. After they share, we can use Google Analytics to track the increased traffic and use UTM codes to track actual sales conversions. You can scale this as much as you like since it's a flat monthly fee, and we include the link in all our automated emails.

Built to increase shares on Facebook about 1 year ago by Coopt

This service was built by the founder of in an effort to increase shares of their product after the company's Kickstarter campaign had ended. After realizing the app worked so well, Coopt was created and launched on Shopify and BigCommerce to help other stores increase shares at a lower price and higher value than traditional Facebook advertising. Give the free 2 week trial a shot!