Sales Countdown, In Stock Notification, Social Proof by Beeketing

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Online shoppers tend to delay buying, leading to very high cart & browse abandonment rates in eCommerce.

Built to help eCommerce online stores reduce cart & browse abandonment and increase the checkout rate, Countdown Cart motivate your customers to buy NOW, by creating a strong sense of urgency, scarcity and social proof on your online store.


03 Powerful Widgets on every product pages to make your customers buy faster and drive up your sales significantly:

  • Countdown timer: displays a countdown timer under the product description to create a sense of urgency that the promotion is about to end soon and that customers should buy right away before time runs out.
  • Social proof: shows, in real time, the number of visitors who have viewed your products and the number of items sold. It creates a positive influence on customers that your products are highly popular and selling out quickly, builds trust on your brand and strengthens their confidence to buy.
  • Stock countdown: shows that only a limited number of items are left in stock for any product on your store. When customers see that only a few items are left, they are more encouraged to make spontaneous purchase.
  • Full control over the app settings, highly customizable in terms of message, design, display position and time, etc. so it matches with your store's design
  • Beautifully responsive on all devices, from mobile, tablet to small-screen and large-screen desktops
  • A unique app on BigCommerce which is FREE forever - NO hidden cost or premium plans. All features are accessible to help you grow sales
  • Easy to install and use, no coding skills required, fast under 60 seconds
  • The most lightweight app you'll ever install. It is more like an element on your store, not an add-on. Take up minimal space and resources on your site
  • 24/7 Customer support dedicating to your success

Client Reviews (2)

good app about 3 days ago by
This app's style is good. My site help
Incredible!!! about 18 days ago by
This app is exactly what I was looking for! Plus, I was delightfully surprised that I could get all the right features in a single app! Every business needs this app!