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Drive Personalization and Increase Conversions with Cue Shopper Conversion Platform

Cue's on-site engagement tools allow you to leverage shopper identities, product interest, purchase propensity, word of mouth feedback and many actionable insights and to provide more personalized and relevant experiences resulting in increased sales and improved customer loyalty.

With Cue's suite of tools you can listen to shopper cues and track existing behaviors to turn anonymous visitors into known shoppers and more customers.

Cue Connect puts your shoppers' identity, their email address, their name, what products they care about, their purchase intent and more at the core of your marketing.

Cue Conversion Platform also provides an ability to query, segment and export customer data and leverage over hundreds of pre-built data integrations to create individualized shopper journeys that are proven to drive higher conversions across all marketing channels.

Key Benefits of Cue Conversion Platform

  • Identify anonymous visitors and turn them into customers
  • Capture shoppers' wants and needs around the clock, even when they're not shopping
  • Increase shopper onsite dwell time
  • Improve product page SEO
  • Give your customers a truly personalized shopping experience with purchase prompts including price alerts, special offers, and birthday reminders right at the point of sale.
  • Use shopper cues to make smarter decisions that drive qualified leads, raise average order value, and increase conversion rates
  • Leverage your most engaged and influential customers and harness the ripple effect of their word-of-mouth
  • Curb shopping cart abandonment and improve your analysis of buyer intent

Cue Product Features

Cue Widgets

Enable shoppers to save their favorite items, send one-to-one communication, share directly to the most popular social networks and set-up price alerts.

My List

A single, personalized integrated view of all the items a shopper desires including their social activity, conversations, and friends' trending items and word-of-mouth.

Real-Time Conversations

Bring the conversation back to your site. Your shoppers will be able to engage with their family and friends' reviews from their List, as if they were in a store.

Engagement Incentives

Create more onsite shopper engagement resulting in improved viral marketing, increased data collection and more conversions.

Triggered Offers

Automate timely personalized messaging based on shopper product interest and intent to purchase. Triggered Offers becomes a retargeting tool for customers adding Items to their My List.

Targeted Notifications

Provide customers with personalized offers, birthday reminders, and price change alerts on-site and through email.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze shopping trends and understand your customer's path to purchase from the start to the point of sale. Identify the key moments to re-engage your shoppers to increase your store's performance.

Data Integrations

Ability to query, segment and export customer any data and leverage hundreds of pre-built integrations to turbocharge your other marketing platforms.


Cue's scalable platform adapts to meet the needs of any size business. Visit us at to learn more about our flexible pricing plans.

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For more information on Cue Connect or to schedule a free demo, please email: or call @1.800.280.9604 x1

Client Reviews (1)

It's the best thing that's happened to "Fountain"! about 1 year ago by

I was approached by David Rivera, about the Cue app-  I'd never heard of them before!  After some apprehension, he convinced me!  It is the best thing that has happened to our business  customers from Egypt, Dubai, in fact all over has finally found our products and are ordering!  I'm telling everybody about Cue - they should get it today!!!!