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Create order status descriptions that are relevant to your business!

Pending?? Awaiting Fulfillment?? Why waste time explaining unclear order status updates to confused customers? With the CustomOrderStatus app, you define the order status texts that your customers see.

And there's an added bonus- when the order status changes, the app brings your customers back to your store, without logging in. They see their new order status in a special page - PLUS any promotion you want to display.

Get rapid ROI with the CustomOrderStatus app:

  • Build trust with clear, relevant updates. Customers who trust your business come back for more, and recommend you to others.
  • Keep your customers: Acquiring a new customer costs 6-7 times more than keeping an existing customer.
  • Increase repeat orders: Customers come back to your store and see your promotions.Repeat orders are usually worth more than first orders.
  • Save time: Well-informed customers don't waste your time with questions.

Easy to set up and use:

  • Simple one-step installation
  • Easy-to-use interface to:
    • Set up and update your own custom status texts
    • Include hyperlinks in your custom status texts*
    • Add and change your promotional image and text*
    • Format the text to suit the style of your store*

Try the App FREE and Start Building Trust Now!

* Premium Plan features

Client Reviews (7)

CustomOrderStatus app 11 months ago by
Great app - just what we need!
Thank you 11 months ago by
I had an issue with the app but the app owner helped. I'm currently on the free version but will be upgrading for sure.
Custom Status 12 months ago by
Marcia is dedicated to installing your Custom Order Status with ease and expertise. A lovely lady to liase with . Excellent service and a fantastic app to help support our customers know exactly where they are throughout their order - we have happy customers and a happy business as a result of this updated APP version- thank you very much- Claire
Excellent! about 1 year ago by
Excellent app, easy to use and does the job. Great customer service, recommended!
Works Well about 1 year ago by
At first I had a bit of trouble with installation, however customer support was on it and solved the issue quickly. Now the app is installed and working well. We really needed the product as our orders can have a long lead time. It is helpful to keep the client informed every step of the way. Thanks Vitality!
Good app about 1 year ago by
Great app that was much needed for my website. Must have to customise your website if you have an unique production process
Must Have App! about 1 year ago by Trevor Petty
Last year I installed the earlier version of this app called Status Names Converter and it basically saved my store. My store offers travel related services so the default status names made no sense. Status Names Converter allowed me to change the status names to anything I wanted. The only draw back was it was a little difficult to install. You needed to know a more about using html and how to locate certain html files and it was time consuming. Today I installed the new version called CustomOrderStatus. it does everything the old version could do and much more. The biggest improvement though is that it installed itself in less than a minute without me having to do anything except click Install! It even copied my status names from the previous version into the new app. Another thing I love about this new version is that you can add longer descriptions to the status names you change. For example, I changed "Awaiting Fulfillment" to "Your travel services are paid in full and your travel documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours." Before the change I had customers calling everyday asking what Awaiting Fulfillment had to do with their travel services. I no longer have confused customer calls since I can customize the status names to say exactly what they need to say. Since this type of customization is not built into the BigCommerce store this app is one that no store should be without. I highly recommend it.