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Customers buy MORE when they feel they are going to lose out on a great deal! You can now easily tap into this potential with DealShuffler.

DealShuffler brings a fresh approach to increasing your sales - with simple to setup DAILY DEALS with countdown timers just like Amazon's Todays Deals for your products.

We developed DealShuffler because normal "sales" just don't cut it anymore. DealShuffler makes your products even more irresistable by adding time as a factor which nudges your customers to make a faster decision on buying your product or not.

How it Works:

  1. You determine which product you want to sell more of
  2. Choose a discount (optional) for the product and how long the "deal" lasts
  3. Start the deal and watch the sales roll in.

Once time is up, Dealshuffler automatically closes the deal. DealShuffler handles all the backend interaction with BigCommerce saving you all of the manual entry associated with a "normal sale". We will even track the amount of clicks your "deal" gets and how many sales you got for that particular deal!

- FAST setup: Create your first countdown in as little as 10 minutes!

- FOUR Deal Countdowns Included (example, one deal counts as "Product XYZ will be discounted at 25% for 24 hours")

- TIGHT Integration with BigCommerce: DealShuffler automatically updates prices, uses YOUR styles for the deals, and tracks conversions.

- REAL TIME ANALYTICS: Track clicks, track sales, and track inventory!


We have excellent support right here in the USA! Try us out for up to 7 days risk free!

$29.99 / month
Free trial
7 days

Client Reviews (3)

Awesome app about 5 days ago by
I was pretty skeptical about the app at first. Having used it, I can honestly say that Deal Shuffler is hands down the best option for running limited time flash sales on a website. It has all the features I needed right out of the box. Additionally, the support team behind the app is AWESOME. They're super friendly, understanding, attentive and eager to assist in any way. Don't take my word for it, though. Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Outstanding Customer Support 3 months ago by
Clever concept, straightforward and easy to use app that installs cleanly. Super impressive customer support! Five+ Stars
Great App - They Helped Our Sales 3 months ago by
They have been extremely helpful they got us up and running whereas another app in could not careless - THESE FOLKS CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS - WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND DealShuffler