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DealShuffler adds countdown timers to your sales/deals - A proven way to help customers make a decision faster.

BigCommerce allows you to create Featured Products and Sales prices... however it is entirely manual - You go set a sales price, mark as Featured, and let it run. But is that really maximizing your sale? We don't think so. Where is the call to action?

DealShuffler adds that powerful call to action that your base BigCommerce store doesn't provide - TIME. When your customer sees a live countdown timer under your sale, it speeds up their decision making... When the clock strikes zero, your deal expires.

In addition to adding the countdown timer, the app does the following:

  1. Unique sales options like "% Off" that you don't get with BigCommerce's usual sales/featured product setup. Set a "% Off" and it strikes through your product price and shows your customer how big the sale is.
  2. Set an expiration on the deal/sale so when it's done, it automatically removes your products for you. No more manual removals!
  3. Report on specifically how many clicks/purchases you get for your specified sale... Making it easy to determine how effective the sale was.
  4. DealShuffler adds a special panel to your website (anywhere on your site and the look can be customized) to keep these countdown deals separate from your usual sales. This is great for flash sales, daily deals, or just flat out to bring more attention to your sale.
How it Works:
  1. Install DealShuffler and set it up yourself or have us do it professionally - FOR FREE. Recommended for us to install for maximum effect!
  2. DealShuffler imports your products.
  3. You set up the sale inside of the DealShuffler app instead of doing it in the usual Featured Product / Sale Price in BigCommerce.
  4. Set your price and how long the deal lasts and RUN!
  5. DealShuffler automatically does all of the back end BigCommerce entry to set the sale up!


You can setup DealShuffler yourself - However, for the most customization possible, we offer our fast, professional installation for your store. We can even make customizations you need like changing fonts, colors, etc.

Put deals anywhere on your store!

Want 4 deals to be at the top of your home page? Great!How about creating a new page that holds 20 of your best deals? Even better!DealShuffler makes it easy to place your countdown deals anywhere!

Run deals as long as you want - From minutes to days

DealShuffler lets you experiment with different durations so you can find the right time that leads to the most sales!

Showing your deal for 2 hours may increase your sales - Or maybe 16 hours is your sweet spot! Whatever the case, DealShuffler allows you to set up countdown deals for however long you want - Giving you the freedom to test and find the right countdown time that maximizes customer reaction time!

Works with ANY BigCommerce Template - No matter how custom it is.

Customers are amazed when they launch a deal and it looks exactly like the rest of their BigCommerce store. Even if they want changes made to make their deals stand out even more, DealShuffler's professional support can make it happen!

Track clicks, sales, and inventory so you can easily see progress!

Any time someone clicks your deal from anywhere on your site, the click is registered along with the corresponding sale if it occurs. This way, you can see direct proof as to what effect DealShuffler has on your sales! Remember, every click and sale you get from a deal is a click or sale you wouldn't get otherwise!

We have an amazing, fluent English speaking support staff right here in the USA. Try us out for up to 7 days risk free!

$19.99 / month
Free trial
7 days

Client Reviews (6)

Awesome app + great customer support about 13 days ago by
This app is great and You can personalize how it will look in your page. The support is awesome and you can email them and they will definitely help you out. The design is super clean and modern. The app deserver 5 starts for sure!! Super recommended and helped a lot our sales ! Good job DealShuffer!
Very Cool App about 26 days ago by
The App is great. We like to use it for weekend flash sales. The support team was there to assist with the install and answer any questions we had. The back end was very user friendly with a nice clean user interface. I would recommend this App to anyone looking to increase sales.
Deal Shuffler - Best App For Business 2 months ago by Troy Albert
Deal Shuffler has turned out to be one of the best apps we've integrated with thus far. While many apps either don't work as intended or fail to impress, Deal Shuffler not only worked as intended, but the customer service was top notch. They spent the time to help us integrate in to our website. Not only in functionality but they spent the time to assist in helping us fit our theme and how to use it beyond its normal capacity. Hours were invested on their side before we even spent a penny! If you're looking for a partner to help grow your business, it doesn't get better than this! Highly recommended!!!!
Awesome app 2 months ago by
I was pretty skeptical about the app at first. Having used it, I can honestly say that Deal Shuffler is hands down the best option for running limited time flash sales on a website. It has all the features I needed right out of the box. Additionally, the support team behind the app is AWESOME. They're super friendly, understanding, attentive and eager to assist in any way. Don't take my word for it, though. Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Outstanding Customer Support 5 months ago by
Clever concept, straightforward and easy to use app that installs cleanly. Super impressive customer support! Five+ Stars
Great App - They Helped Our Sales 5 months ago by
They have been extremely helpful they got us up and running whereas another app in could not careless - THESE FOLKS CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS - WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND DealShuffler