DEAR Inventory

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Benefits of integration

When DEAR is integrated with your Bigcommerce store (or multiple stores) you get access to a powerful order management and fulfilment platform integrated to accounting and shipping service providers.

Bigcommerce orders are automatically imported and can be easily fulfilled via Pick, Pack and Ship if necessary. In DEAR a sales invoice will be created and stock will be automatically adjusted as required, with all relevant financial information then synced to your accounting or shipment app.

Easily manage your Bigcommerce product catalogues via DEAR and perform single or bulk product updates.

Customer information is also imported from Bigcommerce with each order and DEAR will optionally update stock quantities in your store ensuring consistency between the front and back end of your business.

Complete visibility of orders and inventory

If you operate in a multichannel environment, easily manage wholesale, retails and online sales. With all inventory movements recorded in real time, easily check what stock is On Hand, Available for sale, sitting on order with supplier or already allocated to a customer order.

Bill of Materials/Auto assembled kits

If you manufacture your own products or simply sell bundled goods, you can utilise Bill of Materials functionality. Either manufacture your products in advance or let DEAR compile these for you automatically at the time of sale and subsequently reduce the quantity of relevant components.

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