Delivery Notifications through Alexa

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

Provide Delivery Notifications through Alexa, informing customers when their order purchased through Amazon Pay is on its way or has been delivered. By taking advantage of voice-based delivery notifications, you can elevate your customer experience, giving shoppers the opportunity to hear about the status of their deliveries in the comfort of their home or wherever they use Alexa.


  • Access Delivery Notifications for Amazon Pay orders at no additional cost.
  • Help reduce customer support effort related to inquiries on delivery status.
  • Receive ongoing feature enhancements with no additional technical efforts.

What's the Delivery Notifications customer experience?

The customer's device will display a yellow ring or an on-screen banner to indicate a new notification. Customers do noSt have to setup new accounts, create new passwords, or download a skill to enable this service—they automatically receive notifications based on their Alexa notification preferences.

Out for Delivery Notifications alert your customers via their devices when their Amazon Pay order is en route to its destination. Alexa tells customers "One new notification from Amazon Pay. A shipment from <store> is scheduled to arrive by <date>."

Delivered Notifications inform your customers via their devices when their Amazon Pay order has arrived. Alexa tells customers "One new notification from Amazon Pay. Your shipment from <store> has been delivered."

How to add Delivery Notifications?

You will need to connect Amazon Pay to your BigCommerce store. Enable in your settings here and follow the instructions here to set-up.

Once enabled, click 'Get This App' to download and install the app. All you need to do afterwards is enter shipment tracking information for your orders, and notifications will automatically be sent for your Amazon Pay orders.

Delivery Notifications is brought to you by Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay comes with a complete, end-to-end payment method, ready-to-go for hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers globally. The performance is continuously optimized using technology, learnings, and best practices from Amazon.com. In addition, Amazon Pay provides a suite of tools and templates for Alexa, making it easy to use the power of voice to elevate your customer experience.

App Features

Alexa sends the following two kinds of delivery notifications to customers
  • Out for delivery notification
  • Delivery notification

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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