Facebook Messenger Customer Chat - Powered by Dispatch

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Our Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin is FREE to install on your BigCommerce store, however, you can optionally extended the functionality of your Dispatch app by purchasing a monthly subscription starting at $99/month. Read on to learn a bit more about our paid subscription.

Dispatch increases sales, conversion rates, and ad spend ROI by enabling your Facebook page to send automated messages to those who have abandoned their shopping carts. Simply put, Dispatch helps you get motivated customers to take that final step by completing checkout on your BigCommerce store.

Some additional features of the Dispatch platform include:

  • Real time delivery of order and shipping confirmations from your Facebook page to give your customers an easy way to message your support team
  • Facebook page post scheduler with comment autoresponder so you can engage and grow your customer base using on-brand content
Still have questions? Visit dispatch.social and chat with us.

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