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This connector links your BigCommerce shop with your E-conomic account, automatically importing orders, accurately transferring tax, discounts and shipping. This connector will also automatically create customers (debtors) where necessary, and products, if desired, in E-conomic. Save hours of tedious data entry by letting the CarryTheOne integration do the work and focus your efforts elsewhere.


  • Imports your orders (as invoices), customers and products into your E-conomic account
  • Easy Set Up step-by-step instructions are provided
  • Automatically applies payments to the invoices created (optional and configurable)
  • Automatically generates credit notes for orders that are returned (optional and configurable)
  • Use with E-conomic's Stock Management add-on module for up-to-date stock levels
  • Worldwide tax support including Sales Tax, US State Tax, VAT, GST, PST and HST
  • Multiple currency support
  • Support for both retail and wholesale store configurations
  • Full Support for BigCommerce discounts, coupons and gift certificates
  • Invoices are intelligently matched to existing customer records, or if no match is found, a new customer record is created on-the-fly
  • Extensive yet easy configuration (with contextual help), e.g. option to prevent automatic invoices and/or payments for certain payment methods; option to apply a clearing delay to payments (per payment method); etc.
  • FREE Full support and automatic upgrades

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  • Free Trial: 30 days


  • Last updated:June, 21 2022
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