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Plug-in-Go™ Wholesaler Product Datafeed Sync

e-ProductPlug seamlessly connects your Bigcommerce store to any vendor, dropshipper, fulfillment center, wholesale distributor, or even your own warehouse. With e-ProductPlug your product data will get sent to your website up to 3x/day, keeping you ahead of your competition with the newest products and reducing backorders by ensuring the product stock quantities are always up-to-date. Now you can easily expand your Bigcommerce store with wholesale dropship product automation.

Simplify & Automate Your Product Import Process

Just “plug-in" e-ProductPlug to your Bigcommerce store for automatic updates of product catalogs from your wholesale network including changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions. Easy and intuitive field mapping engine lets you easily overcome the divergent data formats of suppliers and synchronize only the pertinent data fields to your shopping cart using one simple interface.

What would you do with an extra 10+ hours a week? No more manipulating spreadsheets or hiring IT developers, e-ProductPlug eliminates manual data entry errors, so you can spend your time filling orders instead of cancelling them due to inventory issues. You're in control of the fields to import, how to handle items no longer in the file, and how often to update data that makes sense for your business.

More than just a data-dump:

  • Seamlessly load dropship or virtual inventory product data, up to 3x/day
  • Fully control which products to import with advanced product filters
  • Optimize Vendor's Product Names & Descriptions – perfect for SEO & datafeeds
  • Powerful product pricing tool to increase or decrease by $ or %
  • Create custom category rules to match vendor's product categories to yours
  • Compatible with any distributor that provides a flat-file or spreadsheet of its product inventory data (e.g. .csv, .txt, Excel)
  • Simple interface with video tutorials and full onboarding assistance
$55 / month
Free trial
10 days

Client Reviews (20)

Works well but... about 1 month ago by cohort
e-ProductPlug works well but make sure their support desk are 100% clear what you want the plug to do and that you document the process and rules. They made two assumptions that were not made clear to me that A) wiped out all my Related Products I had set-up and B) also wiped out my product dimensions for over 600 SKUs. Also if your plug relies on a file download from a 3rd party make sure the plug does not report to you that it has run successfully when it is actually using an old file because the download of a new file is failing. Overal, their support is prompt but appear to be in too much of a rush.
Cleared up our pricing feed issues 10 months ago by luc....uk http://thevideoconferencingshop.co.uk/
We were really struggling to find an efficient way to upload stock and pricing from many different sources. After doing a trial of e-pp we found it did everything we need, with helpful added features. I have now setup the tool to run in the background and I don't need to worry about manually updating any pricing or stock now. Their support guys are also always quick to respond and always resolve any issues.
Poor support 11 months ago by mba....co https://motherlanddesign.co
I purchased the tool more than a week ago - I still do not have products in my store. Support is unreacheable by phone, takes forever to repond to emails (i've been waiting for 5 days to hear what the costs for an add-on service will be- and i havent even started with the initial intended purpose). Its not an easy to use product and thats why you rely on support so much, at the same time, they make bold claims about an onboarding experience that takes no more than 2 days, they will set up 2 integrations for you for free (within the USD55 initial cost) - all broken promises! Beware outdated reviews (this is how i ended up buying, only to realise my store might only launch next year if i wait for them), I think they were probably great at the beginning, but have lost it as they've grown - which is a pity because they offer everything Im looking for under a single service provider. No refunds issued.
We LOVE E-Product Plug! about 1 year ago by car...com http://www.caronsbeachhouse.com
This is the BEST app that we have ever installed to work in conjunction with our Big Commerce store. We can add more product and maintain it in just a few clicks. We have eliminated back orders almost 100%, saving our company time - but most of all MONEY. No more angry customer and no more refunding of back ordered products. The crew at e-product plug has gone beyond the call of duty in trying to understand our unique needs and help us run our business more efficiently and worry free. The cost is an absolute BARGAIN.
Incredible Customer Service. about 1 year ago by dav...com http://taylorstreetfavors.com
The customer service has been outstanding. Michelle at e-product has been very patient with us as we learn to navigate this app. The is a small learning curve, but as we get more comfortable the app becomes more valuable. It's a great app for getting lots of product up and managed in a short time.
THE BEST THING EVER!!!! about 1 year ago by ill...com https://www.illasparkz.com/
I was at the point of quitting until I accidentally found E-Plug. Everyone has been professional, patient and actually show a great level of care and concern for your business. I am a nit picking perfectionist and I swear I emailed them a few times a day in the beginning. I was never ignored and they made me feel like I really mattered to them. Now the product itself is AMAZING. Who would have known that I went from having 320 products to over 15k. I LOVE them and could write for days but I have a HUGE site to manage thanks to E-Plug!!!
e - for Excellence!! A+++++ over 2 years ago by STE...COM http://www.bludogtech.com

These guys provide a service on a requirement that I will never be able to figure out on my own, they have the expertise to get the job done. Very savvy!

Above and Beyond Expectations! over 3 years ago by har...com https://thepetgearplace.com

E-product plug was THE solution for our business.  We hit a massive roadblock with consolidating our product line, and searched extensively for help, to no avail.  When we discovered the e-Product plug app, and read the description of their services, we felt they might be able to help.  It took one conversation with the team there to decide that they would be a must-have component to our business.  We were treated like long time clients well before we agreed to employ any of their services.  They understood the exact nature of the issue we were facing and explained how they could fix it technically, but in a down to earth manner that we could grasp completely.  The team at e-product plug is responsive, courteous, and provide the personal touch and service, that lets you feel and know that your business's success is their priority.  

Thank you so much!

AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE - Southern Draw over 3 years ago by mysoutherndraw.com



Praise to e-ProductPlug Team over 3 years ago by gra...com http://tickletoys.com

I think e-Product Plug has the motto NASA uses, "making the seemingly impossible, possible." I'm thoroughly impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism and personal touch that I get whenever communicating with e-Product Plug.

Thank you so very much! 

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... over 3 years ago by nik...com http://www.SupplyJunkies.com

I have been selling online for over 7 years and am absolutely THRILLED to have found this app.  I am reluctant to give it a review because I want to keep the secret all to myself, BUT, goodness prevails and I must say, the staff at e-Product Plug is simply amazing.  I could go on and on and ON about all the wonderful things they have done for us, but the main point I want to get across here is that this is THE solution you have been looking for.  All those years searching for the right way to manage your inventory...struggling over CSV files and late nights worrying are GONE.

I am over-the-moon happy with e-Product Plug...From the cost and the initial set-up, to the excellent customer service at all times, this app will free up your time and allow you to grow, reaching your full business potential.  This app is on our MUST HAVE list and we cannot wait to continue to grow our business with the people at E-Product Plug.

Nicole G


Nice! over 3 years ago by Raymonde Thompson http://hotdip-works.mybigcommerce.com

A great integration to manage products. Every online store should consider it. The free trial could be a bit longer though. 

e-ProductPlug. over 3 years ago by nda....ch

I am so pleased I found these guys. When I set off, I was really so stressed about dealing with uploading 1000's of products and everytime I asked my suppliers for API intergration I would get all kinds of stories. eProductPlug has been my solution. Their support is pronto and have a quick turn-around to support and have a solution and answers to e-commerce product management. Thank you so much support team. I would recommend e-ProductPlug without any 2nd hesitation. 

Michelle Makes It Amazing! over 4 years ago by Kaycees Corner Super Store http://kayceescorner.com

E-Product Plug Is a Very Good App. E-Product Plug With Michelle Is Truly AMAZING!! When I Say It Wouldn't Be The Same App/Company Without Her; That Is No Lie. Not Only Has She Explained Technicals To Me, But Also Some Of My Employees. I Would Definitely Leave E-Plug Of Michelle Was Not There. She Has Become A Irreplaceable Part If My Company, I Can Only Imagine How She Is The Heart Of Hers. Thank You E-Plug For An Amazing Product Which Has Given Me My Life Back, And Many Thank You's To Michelle Who Has Made The Experience So Enjoyable!

A Must Have. over 4 years ago by sal...com http://ACDC USA

If you are serious about your online business, you must add this service to your BigCommerce account. Who needs an IT department when we have our Michelle from e-ProductPlug; I ask her anything and it magically gets done, quick. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.


Stellar service from the e-Product Plug team! over 4 years ago by rev...com http://www.amazingbodystore.com

I could go on about how stumbling on e-product plug turned our business outlook around or how much money it is going to save us in the the long run but...the most impressive aspect of their company so far has been their white glove service!  The e-Product Plug team feels like an extension of our own.  They spent time customizing an over 5, 000 unit product plug to take us a step above others in our marketplace!  Not to mention, they took the time to explain the most intricate details of their dashboard and worked around our busy schedule.  I will not hesitate to recommend e Product Plug to anyone, other than our competitors of course:)

e-ProductPlug First Rate App-Top Rated Company! over 4 years ago by jam...net http://jamnanhobby.com

Absolutely a first rate-top notch company! Personal attention to our specific needs from the start, had us up and running so fast made my head spin! I don't believe that we would have had such great service from another company considering the special set up that we required. Thank You e-ProductPlug for being such an asset and value to our business!

E Product Plug over 4 years ago by bfi...net http://www.barbiesgardensupply.com

This is the best app I have ever used for business! All I have to do is put the items I want into 1 inventory list on my wholesale vendor's site and E Product Plug will transfer them to my website.

Life Saving app over 4 years ago by Coc...com

I can not say enough how grateful I am for this app. Rough start to starting the store with multiple data feeds and a complicated system in bc created a monster. Michelle, thanks a million for all your continual efforts,we finally got there!! You have been so patient and continued to walk me through some really foreign technical work.  You need several clones!

Data Base Help over 4 years ago by ron...com

e-ProductPlug has been fantastic at helping us get our complex data base set up! Not only would I recommend them we will continue to use them for all our projects. We Could not do it with out them.