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About the app

The Turnkey Shipping Tool for BigCommerce Sellers

Easyship is the world's leading cloud-based shipping platform empowering eCommerce merchants to optimize their shipping, drive down shipping costs and scale globally. Whether you're sending out 100 shipments a month or 50,000, we have a solution that will simplify logistics in a way that makes your business more efficient and better serves your customers.Join thousands of merchants and retailers who trust Easyship to save them time and money with smart shipping solutions, robust features and knowledgeable customer support. Integrate Easyship with your BigCommerce store now and see how we can help you streamline your global delivery services.

Ship Better with Easyship for BigCommerce

  • Save Money Immediately - Gain instant access to over 250+ shipping solutions and pre-negotiated rates from top couriers around the world on one platform. Or link to your own courier account to use your own rates. Save up to 70% on shipping rates with the leading couriers, no contracts or time consuming setup necessary!
  • Increase Conversion Rates At Checkout - Close the sale at checkout by offering dynamic rates and visibility with fully landed costs. Provide your customers with shipping choices by displaying the cheapest, fastest and most affordable rates at checkout, as well full tax and duty costs for cross-border shipments. Choice + visibility = more conversions.
  • Connect Existing Courier Accounts - Already work with shipping partners? Link your own courier accounts (including Fedex, UPS, DHL and more) and use your own rates.
  • Support Whenever You Need It - Access 24/7 support from our logistics and shipping experts, ready to solve any problem you encounter.
  • Powerful Automations Save You Time - Utilize shipping rules to automate your workflow for repetitive tasks like courier selection, delivery preference, package size, product value and more.

Manage your shipments on one platform

  • Easily sync orders and print all your labels for fast efficient processing.
  • Store your product dimensions, category, and weight for faster processing and shipping costs, even with volumetric weights.
  • Automatically update "fulfilled" orders with tracking numbers and courier names back to your BigCommerce store.
  • Choose preferred solutions based on destination, product type, or weight and expedite shipping with preset rules.
  • Maintain control of your finances by downloading past invoices, receipts, and transactions statements.
  • Monitor your shipments with notifications from your chosen couriers.
  • Automatically generate domestic return labels.

Go Global by shipping internationally with confidence

No other BigCommerce shipping app makes it this easy to reach customers around the world.

  • Automatically generate and download ready-to-go shipping documents.
  • Show exact import tax, VAT, GST and other fees upfront so there are no surprises for your customers.
  • Get accurate, complete Customs documentation and avoid issues and delays with your shipments.

Offer your customers total flexibility

  • Flexible shipping options increases conversion, so let your customers choose between the cheapest, fastest or best-value delivery solutions.
  • Reduce customer complaints and emails by showing clear delivery times.
  • In-cart settings give you the flexibility to choose prepaid (DDP) or postpaid (DDU) tax and duty - you can even include this as a checkout option.

A fully customizable post-purchase brand experience

  • Send customers a link and let them track orders in real time.
  • Use branded packing slips to elevate the customer experience when they receive their parcel.
  • Send emails with your branding to give customers a fully branded journey from purchase to delivery.
  • Branded tracking pages and emails keep your customers up to date on the delivery status of their packages, no matter where they are in the world.

Free, Plus and Premium plans give you the flexibility and features your business demands

App Features

Best Rates, Guaranteed

With just one account, access 250+ shipping solutions and rates of up to 70% off. Or, connect your courier account and use your rates.

No more hidden fees

You'll be able to see all required taxes, duties, and courier fees up front for every shipment, no matter where you're shipping.

  • See exact amount of import tax, VAT, GST, and other fees upfront
  • Generate pre-filled customs documentation. Accurate and complete paperwork reduces customs issues and delays by more than 91%

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Our dynamic rates are based on actual items in your customers' carts, so your quotes are always accurate (anywhere in the world). And that's great for conversions.

Case Studies

Decent Espresso

As part of our How To Go Global series that shares Easyship success stories, we featured Decent Espresso, a company that makes amazing espresso machines for the highly discerning home espresso drinker. Read on to find out how they solved their global fulfillment issues using Easyship.

More success stories can be found on

Waverly Labs

Waverly Labs is the creator of the Pilot, an earpiece paired with a smartphone app that translates conversations as they're happening. The company used Easyship to ship this innovative earpiece to over 27,000 crowdfunding backers from 110+ countries.

Bare Cases

Bare Cases make smartphone cases for minimalists who want to preserve the elegance and ergonomics of their smartphone while protecting it from wear and tear.

FLX Bike

Rob and Pete launched FLX Bike in 2015 with a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. They exceeded their $50,000 funding goal within 14 hours and ended up raising over $1.7 million to ship their "electric bikes with attitude" all over the world.

Sophie and Toffee

Sophie & Toffee is a hobby shop that specializes in resin art supplies. Before using Easyship, they spent over 5 hours a week on shipping while only using 2 couriers. Expanding internationally wasn't easy for Sophie & Toffee. When they received an order from a country they've never shipped to, they had to manually provide a shipping estimate to the customer. Sometimes those estimates were inaccurate, and the actual costs ended up being higher. It was also difficult for them to understand what each importing country required.

After moving to Easyship, Sophie & Toffee saw their revenue initially increase by 80%. Currently, they are on their way to doubling their revenue from last year. They also cut shipping lead time by 4 days.

Easyship's Rates at Checkout helped Sophie & Toffee by showing accurate rates based on the delivery address in real-time, "dynamic checkout has allowed us to ship internationally at actual shipping prices, since in the past we only give an estimated which actual might had caused more," said Jacelyn Cheah, owner and CEO.Easyship's analytics dashboard, also helps the team understand top countries and locations of key customers, helping the Sophie & Toffee team with regional focus.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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