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eBay.com.au has over 8 million unique visits to the site each month which you can leverage by installing the eBay LINK app for Bigcommerce.

eBay LINK is a listing tool that uses all your existing product and inventory information in Bigcommerce to automatically list and sell on ebay.com.au. The app also enables you to track orders, manage inventory and offer eBay specific promotions.

Features that make life easy

  • Orders from eBay synch back into your Bigcommerce store - manage all your orders the same way you do now
  • We automatically synch your product information and inventory or if you need to you can trigger a synch yourself
  • The Promotions feature enables you to offer promotions and discounts on eBay that are different to your Bigcommerce store for example, offer free shipping, discount the price by a dollar or percent amount
  • Map your products to categories on eBay to maximise your sales

How to get set up

  • Install the eBay LINK App and follow the prompts
  • Link your existing eBay store front or set up a new store

Client Reviews (11)

Very Happy with eBaylink 3 months ago by Andrew Lang https://www.ezisports.com.au
We have been using Bigcommerce for nearly 9 years and using eBaylink for about 3 for our Australian eBay store. I have seen a huge improvement from the start when it was a basic app, a bit buggy and support a bit slow. 3 Years on and its totally different - the app works well and the support is very fast. The team continually improve and add to the app making it better and easier to use. The support team are always quick to acknowledge and help out (most of the time its a training question, not a bug).
Makes a big job easy about 1 year ago by inf....au http://www.dockandbay.com.au
Reviews are really important on BigCommerce app store as there are plenty of very average apps out there. I was sceptical of the EbayLink, I'd had issues with other integration platforms previously. This integration was made MUCH easier from having really great support from Ebay through the process. Overall, the link has worked really well for us, but this is reliant on having Ebay support. Important to note this app only works for AUSTRALIAN eBay store currently (November 2016). Overall, very happy with this integration.
Really poor support about 1 year ago by LWi...com
I can't understand why Ebay suggest to merchants to use this app. It seems to have so many issues completing listings properly, and you have to wait for days, and up to a week for anyone to even respond to the simplest of queries. Really poor support, and gives you more problems than it solves. I don't think Big Commerce should keep this in the app store.
it not work properly about 1 year ago by bobby liu
I been used it for while. some of products do not auto list. not technical support. Bigcommerce should make better app
Don't waste your time about 1 year ago by Ken http://www.baileyandco.com.au
Was promised by ebay when they set this app up on our website that if we sold something on ebay it would end on the website. Well that happens but then the product relists on ebay even though there is 0 quantity. If I mark something as $0 and 0 qty on the website and synch with ebay the products still show as available on ebay. The support people are great but the help section of the app is seriously lacking. Very little real info. 3 months working with this app and getting nowhere. Avoid unless you absolutely feel the need to add some extra stress and aggravation into your life
Frustrating! about 1 year ago by ann....au
I have had duplicate listings on three occasions now - all products. After spending hours setting up store categories in eBay and transferring items to the categories the issues with the duplicates meant that twhen they fixed the duplicate problem all the items were dumped in the "Other" store category and I had to spend hours each to reallocating them to the correct store categories. The duplicates also meant my stock figures were incorrect as stock was selling from two of the same item and it was very difficult to stocktake so many items each time, as a result I have now received penalties from eBay with them reducing my rating from "Top Rated" to "Above Standard" I was assured this would not happen and it means a financial loss due to the eBay defects. I also hate the limitations of the shipping module. Combined shipping does not work so everything needs to be setup as flat rate or free shipping and that takes a long time too. It needs a lot of work in my opinion, the Synching often causes issues and exceptions and errors are hard to clear. I have considered uninstalling several times but there are some good points too like the updating of my stock to my Bigcommerce website - when it works most of the time it works well. Needs lots of working on formatting too as formatting is not carried across to eBay.
needs work about 1 year ago by adm....au
This app makes me lethargic trying to deal with it. Quaruntined orders are hard to clear. Data within the app cant show you details about the order. The user interface is not that intuitive. I am also looking for a change. The formatting of text does not translate over to ebay, not complicated stuff either, new paragraphs for descriptions dont translate over. It gets sent over in a block of text. The mapping is infuriating, I keep remapping the same items, like what the hell I though this was meant to be saving me time. The mapping doesnt save your preference either so you have to keep going through the list over and over and over and over and over and over. Just dropped the rating from 2 to 1 due to bad memories
Fantastic App- highly Recommend about 1 year ago by Christina Thomas http://www.kiozwi.com.au
We've been using Ebaly Link for close to 2 years and have seen it develop and even better over time. It is very easy to use and allows for all your products to automatically list to a ebay store that mimics your own online site. There is minimal input that you need to do for your products as they list and you can very easily block products you do not wish to list. Promotions are easy to run too from the app. It really has helped our business and provided exposure that has seen our online business grow !!
Improving over 2 years ago by nic....au
I've been using this for over a year now and in theory, and when it's working, it's great. However, there are some limitations. It doesn't always sync properly and it's not great for products that have multiple options (ie size/colour) and shipping rules aren't awesome (but maybe that's more an eBay limitation). Support is generally very helpful. It does make it helpful having the link between eBay and BigCommerce so I can run my store just through BC.
Lacks Functionality over 2 years ago by inf....au

The idea sounds great, but forcing sellers to delete their current live listings and start from scratch, instead of creating a feature to map their existing listings, makes it redundant for any established seller. 

Very Poorly Set Up over 3 years ago by Nicole

Its good if you have a flat rate for shipping - bad if you need your products to automactically calculate shipping.

The templates are ok but they dont show all the information that are on the website.

Needs a lot of improvment.