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About the app

Etsy is the most popular e-commerce marketplace (or C2C platform) of the creative universe.

The most recommended solution to sell Etsy marketplace from your BigCommerce store.

It caters to the customers willing to purchase handmade, vintage items and craft-oriented products such as clothing, photography, jewelry, health & beauty, food, among others.

Experience Enhanced Product Listings: Enhance the quality of product listing on Etsy with the profiling feature. The profile helps to work with Etsy Advanced Attribute Management.

Easy Order Management: The app allows you to choose settings to Ship orders with or without tracking.

New to BigCommerce store? Already selling on the Etsy marketplace? Migrate Etsy Listing to BigCommerce Store: The app also comes with a feature to import your existing Etsy listing to the BigCommerce store with a few clicks.

There are 31.7 million active buyers on Etsy. The most common buyer personas found on the Etsy marketplace are Women (87%), 69% have no children, and 50% are between the 18-34 age bracket. 40% of the customers are repeat Buyers.

Benefits of Etsy BigCommerce Marketplace Integration: SAVES TIME: Be it uploading the information of all the items in one go or finding out the errors while uploading products, the Integration enables you to save time. SAVES EFFORT: Same here, bulk uploading not only saves time but effort as well. The bulk action features help you to upload items and update pricing in large quantities. SAVES MONEY: The app brings down the customer acquisition, minimizes the digital marketing spending and associated costs of cold calling.

App Pricing:

1) No hidden charges for the Integration. Only App Subscription Charges after the Trial ends.

2) $24.92/ month when you subscribe Yearly after the Trial.

3) No Credit Card Required - Start for FREE.

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App Features


The automatic synchronization at regular intervals keeps the product information - quantity, pricing, and details - consistent and updated.


The real time notification machinery updates the merchants about all the changes and developments happening at their store.

This comes into action whenever a new order is received from Etsy or whenever any product is declined from getting uploaded due to invalid or incorrect information. Similarly, the merchants get alerts whenever the inventory status is low.


The app has threshold settings. It enables merchants to define minimum inventory status. Thus, whenever item quantity lowers than this level, merchants are alerted, which in turn, stop them selling more than they possess.


This is equivalent to hibernating and re-activating the products. It means products are hidden from the customers but they're not deleted from the marketplace, therefore, whenever the need arises the products can be re-activated. This comes handy when a merchant is selling seasonal products.


Within the app, you can create profiles on the basis of category & shipping templates. In the category templates, BigCommerce attributes can be mapped with the Etsy attributes. Attribute mapping is specifically important in the case of variants. In the profiles, the sellers can also set product pricing rules, inventory rules as well as product assigning rules based on the category, brand, product name and price.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $49.00/mo.


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