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Optimize on-site promotions with the same precision that the big companies have. EXCLUSIVE Offers helps you turn up to 28% of abandoned carts into orders. Relevant targeted offers will be displayed to your shoppers in real-time when they try to abandon your cart. In addition, EXCLUSIVE Offers lets you present shoppers with proactive offers specific to the context. You can filter based on

Shopper type - new, repeat abandoner, existing

Shopper behavior - days since last visit, days since last order

Traffic source - organic search, paid search, email, social media

Location - state, country

Product - brand, category, MAP, price and more

Device - desktop, tablet, smartphone

Dayparting - time of day, day of week

3 Bonus Applications

Email Booster - Increase your email marketing list and grow sales with this non-intrusive widget.

Cart Reminder - Convert returning shoppers who've left items in carts with targeted reminders.

Daily Deal Bar - Keep shoppers returning to your store with special deals displayed above the site.


When compared to other services available out there, EXCLUSIVE is ahead of its time. The Offers product has unique features that can be customized to meet any online retailer's needs. They provided the best solution for us to accelerate our business performance.- Isaac Clark, Sports Unlimited

To get started, click on Install Now and complete the installation or request that we do the installation for you when you sign-up on our website. Either way, you'll need to register at http://exclusiveconcepts.com/offers-registration/.

Starting at $79 per month

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