Facebook Ads by Yahoo

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Facebook Ads by Yahoo helps you to bring back your store’s previous visitors through paid ad campaigns on Facebook. Automatically refresh your campaigns to keep them compelling, recover lost prospects, and view detailed reports about your return on investment.


Get access to Facebook retargeting in minutes

When a user leaves your website without purchasing and later visits Facebook, we display relevant ads to bring them back to your site. This is the first time small businesses can take advantage Facebook retargeting, and at the low starting price of $99 per month.

Start advertising with personalized, targeted ads in just a few clicks

Yahoo Commerce Central automatically creates targeted and dynamic ads for your campaign using your own product images. View your ads exactly as they’ll appear on Facebook before they run.

Manage and optimize your campaigns automatically

Our algorithm refreshes ad content to make sure your campaigns always stay fresh and relevant, engage new customers, and maximize sales. We also automatically manage your bids to maximize your return on investment.

Gain campaign insights through detailed and intuitive reports

Understand the performance of your campaigns instantly through detailed and intuitive reports. You can review your ad performance over time, including clicks per ad, click through rates, and revenue generated by your campaigns.

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