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About the app

Floship is a Leading Global eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions Provider Based in Hong Kong, Recognized for Smart- Tech, Fast, and Cost-effective Worldwide Shipping Services. Floship offers a complete end-to-end global e-commerce fulfillment solution that covers every aspect of the supply chain.

App Features

​Global Warehouse Inventory Distribution & Management

Strategically split your inventory across our global warehouses for more efficient fulfilment and shipping by geographic region.

Automated Order Fulfilment & Shipping
Customize your shipping preferences and cut down manual tasks. Automate fulfilment by carrier, shipping option, package size, SKU value, and more.
Fast & Affordable Delivery to 219 Countries & 250 Regions

Discover the widest range of multimodal carriers for your first, mid and last-mile transportation.

​Advanced Logistics Technology Platform

Through Floship's Fulfillment Portal, the advanced technology platform provides a comprehensive suite of reporting, tracking, and management tools for orders, inventory, catalog, shipping, and logistics.

​Dedicated Account Management & Support

Day to day support and consulting on your global inventory distribution, packaging optimisation, taxes & duties, fulfilment and shipping operations.

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