Freestyle O.M.S.

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Better manage inventory and automate fulfillment processes to drive more sales with Freestyle!

Freestyle is the essential solution to streamlining your operations.

Never process an order or update inventory levels manually again! Automatically update inventory, order, customer, product and accounting data in real-time. Freestyle manages all of your sales channels in one solution, providing key insights into your business. Drive more sales, increase productivity, and gain more control and visibility across your operations.

Multiple Sales Channels – One Back Office Solution

  • Centralize the management of inventory and orders across all sales channels, including your Bigcommerce store, eBay, Amazon and more.
  • No more logging into multiple systems to download orders. Orders from all sales channels are queued up together allowing you to process orders in batches to get them out faster!
  • All sales data is in one place so you can analyze your business in an easy and productive way.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

  • Inventory levels are automatically updated, subtracting inventory when a product sells, and adding inventory when you receive product on a Purchase Order, to ensure your published 'available to sell' levels are always accurate.
  • Gain insight on what's selling with up-to-date inventory and sales reports.

Key Features Customers Love:

  • Kit Product Management
  • Multi-warehousing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Fully Integrated Shipping
  • Insightful, Real-Time Dashboards & Reports
  • Experience You Can Count On
  • 24/7 Support

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